Question remains: When will interest rates start rising?

This is why you can't blame Millennials for low homeownership rates

Stop the blame game

Bill to eliminate $6M raise for Fannie, Freddie CEOs passes House Committee 57-1

Growing bipartisan support means passage likelier

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MBA supports, suggests mods to HUD loan-level certifications

Program critical to lenders, FHA and consumers
The goal of this revision to the certification is to clarify the scope of liability associated with errors that can occur in the origination of Federal Housing Administration-insured mortgages, and to foster a strong culture of quality control in the program. MBA says it's a good revision, and suggests some tweaks.
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HUD announces “final rule” on Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing project

Program still faces challenges on funding, data collection
The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development announced a final rule on Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing today that it says will “equip communities that receive HUD funding with data and tools to help them meet long-standing fair housing obligations in their use of HUD funds.”
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Dispelling the myth of the affordable housing bogeyman

Those in housing programs aren’t who you think
The scariest thing you’ll see this summer is not a genetically modified dinosaur noshing on nameless tourists in whatever iteration of Jurassic Park we’re up to, but rather the Obama administration’s forthcoming final rule to affirmatively further fair housing. Well, that’s what the rule’s opponents would like you to believe.
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U.S. Conference of Mayors: Don’t sell non-performing loans to Wall Street

Mayors tell HUD, Fannie and Freddie to sell to non-profits instead
The U.S. Conference of Mayors is joining a growing chorus calling on the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to stop selling pools of non-performing loans to “Wall Street speculators,” and requesting that the pools be sold instead to non-profits interested in keeping homeowners in their homes.
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HUD senior official leaving to join Hillary Clinton campaign?

Betsaida Alcantara to serve as Clinton’s director of media planning
HUD Secretary Julián Castro said Monday that Betsaida Alcantara, HUD’s assistant secretary for public affairs and one of Castro’s senior advisors, is set to leave her position at the end of July. Castro did not disclose Alcantara’s next move, but a Buzzfeed report said that Alcantara is leaving HUD to serve as the director of media planning for Clinton’s campaign.
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