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What lenders are missing when it comes to mobile technology

Five reasons why lenders need mobile technology
The majority of homebuyers, especially Millennials, do extensive research online and on their mobile devices before making any purchase — especially for something as large as a home. While many lenders are jumping on the trend to incorporate technology into their customer experience, they are often ignoring the reasons why the technology matters. Here are five reasons why mobile technology should be key to every lender’s strategy.
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3 ways to save time and money using mobile imaging

Moving at the speed of mobile increases profits

Borrowers want the mortgage application process to be easy and fast. As a 2014 Forrester study found: “Consumers reserve meals, cabs, and flights; share music; make videos; and even screen potential mates on their phones. Whatever product or service you offer, your customers expect you to deliver mobile utility.”

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4 tech troubles brokers and agents need to fix right now

The mortgage market could use this help
From agents approaching going mobile with the wrong priorities to brokers not using available data that could give great insight into their business to anyone not understanding the value of online ratings — there are many ways real estate professionals aren’t getting the most out of their technology.
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PPE Platform Goes Mobile with Real-Time Data

If one industry technology firm has its way, loan officers won't have to tell customers "let me get back into the office and check those rates for you" for very much longer -- instead, they'll be able to access product and pricing information via their mobile phone, in real-time.
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