Monday Morning Cup of Coffee: Goldman's $1B FHFA settlement?

Monday Morning Cup of Coffee: Goldman's $1B FHFA settlement?

America’s lost decade; FHA fees drag; Mortgage lending, RMBS slow to a crawl

Here’s why the FHFA is not a fan of principal reduction

Who's going to pay for that?

Before you judge Dodd-Frank...

Urban Institute: "Can we really calculate the cost?"

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Before you judge Dodd-Frank...

Urban Institute: "Can we really calculate the cost?"
July 25, 2014
Now four years old, Dodd-Frank is struggling to measure up to its original design. But according to the Urban Institute, before disregarding Ddd-Frank as a fail, understand that it is complex and difficult law.
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It’s a landlord’s world, you just rent in it

Single-family rental continues growth as homeownership shrinks
July 9, 2014
Although investor activity peaked in 2012, it’s still abnormally high and with rental demand rising and supply dwindling, investors will continue to snap up distressed properties and existing homes. Meanwhile, homeownership continues to decline.
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Urban Institute: Mortgage denials for black borrowers worse than thought

Recent Twitter war brought issue to forefront
June 20, 2014
A Twitter fight broke out among industry leaders last month on whether African-American borrowers are denied at about 32% or as high as 56%, as claimed by the head of the largest mortgage banking trade association. Turns out that by some measures, it might be actually worse.
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Goldman Sachs answers 3 key questions about housing

The outlook isn't that bad
May 6, 2014
Goldman Sachs analyst Hui Shan said there are 3 key questions facing housing. And then he answered them. Here is a summary of that Q&A.
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Urban Institute: Lending standards aren’t getting looser

Market change, FHA skewing numbers, authors say
May 2, 2014
Lending standards aren’t getting looser; the market is changing. That’s the findings from a study by the Urban Institute.
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5 perspectives on getting private capital back into mortgage markets

Industry leaders talk what it will take to effect sea change
March 27, 2014
CoreLogic partnered this week with the Urban Institute to host an interactive Capitol Hill panel focused on bringing private capital back to the mortgage market. The focus of the discussion was on pricing, governance and servicing.
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3 reasons the Urban Institute is excited about Johnson-Crapo

Johnson-Crapo a good first start, UI senior fellow says
March 17, 2014
Ellen Seidman, a part-time senior fellow at the Urban Institute, says that Johnson-Crapo is something that most in the housing industry forgot could happen – a thoughtful, bipartisan bill.
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Are post-crisis credit requirements holding back 1.2M mortgages?

Researchers at the Urban Institute say yes, and explain how
March 14, 2014
The number of mortgages that could be made if credit conditions and requirements were at traditional, pre-crisis levels could top 1.2 million.
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10 places in America with massive rental housing gaps

Not a single rental market accommodates low-income renters well
March 3, 2014
For every 100 extremely low-income renter households in the country, there are only 29 affordable and available rental units.
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The 4 secrets why Texas leads in new home sales

Fundamentals look solid for trend well into 2014
March 3, 2014
The Lone Star State outpaces every one of the other 49 in both median household income growth and new-home sales in 2013. Want to know why?
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