This is the insane pool/patio video everyone is going crazy over

This is the insane pool/patio video everyone is going crazy over

Never expected our Facebook to blow up over one of these

Freddie Mac: Here are the top 5 improving metro housing markets

Not just L.A. and NYC

It’s official: Steve Horne out as Wingspan CEO

Jason Spooner takes over; Horne becomes senior advisor

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Not all lenders think HELOCs are the next bubble

Rates set to reset, HELOC demand on the rise
Brena Swanson
As the wave of resets for home equity lines of credit continues to rise, many homeowners are left with higher monthly mortgage payments. But the industry is divided on the past and future problems that come with HELOCs.
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Incomplete OIG report overstates the risks of FHFA sunset plan

Here's what this means for reps and warrants relief
Laurie Goodman and Jun Zhu
The OIG has a job to do, but an incomplete analysis of a sensitive issue raises the question of whether the government is really willing to take the steps necessary to assure lenders that they intend to provide rep and warrant relief.
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Urban Institute map shows 12 years of mortgages in 24 seconds

Details mortgage activity by ethnicity before, during and post-crash
Trey Garrison
The Urban Institute has created an interactive map that transforms data on more than 100 million mortgage originations throughout the United States into a compelling visual that identifies borrowers by race and ethnicity over a 12-year period.
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Even credit-worthy borrowers struggle to get a mortgage

Regulations, credit and affordability challenges persist
Trey Garrison
The national homeownership rate continues to decline, and many say that it’s only going to get worse because of tighter lending standards, burdensome regulations that create lender uncertainty and affordability challenges.
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2 reasons the single-family rental securitization market won’t exceed $20 billion

$1 trillion market? Not even close.
Laurie Goodman
As home prices are bid up, smaller investors, who can do their own property management and thereby lower their total property management costs, will remain interested. But these securitizations based on loans to small investors face two challenges.
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Are subprime mortgages coming back?

Lenders missing opportunity to make more money
Brena Swanson
It’s time to return to the days of subprime lending, at least that's what this one article suggests. But not the subprime lending that is negatively associated with the financial crisis.
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Urban Institute: Qualified Mortgage impact overblown

New rules have only slightly slowed mortgage lending
Ben Lane
According to new analysis from the Housing Finance Policy Center team at the Urban Institute, there has been “surprisingly little impact” on the mortgage origination numbers since QM went into effect in January.
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Urban Institute: There is an art to G-fee increases

3 conclusions behind rate hikes
Brena Swanson
As the Federal Housing Finance Agency continues to seek input on guarantee fees, according to the Urban Institute, the process might not be too easy to conquer.
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Urban Institute: 5 steps BofA should take in its settlement with DOJ

This would better serve consumers and investors
Trey Garrison
Now that Bank of America is nearing a reported $17 billion settlement with the Department of Justice, there are some steps the banking giant could take to better set things right, says the Housing Finance Policy Center staff at the Urban Institute.
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Here's evidence showing the housing “recovery” isn’t real

What is real and what is Memorex?
Lynn Effinger
Many reports do not take into full consideration the differences in market conditions from one part of the country to another. The inexplicable rise in house prices in the West, for example, is not replicated in other parts of the nation.
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