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The rise and fall of Redwood Trust RMBS

Is the lack of jumbo mortgage bonds a sign of troubled times ahead?
Redwood has always been a securitization game-changer — even when getting out of the game. In the years following the housing crash, Redwood always found a way to stay on the forefront. As the private-label market for securitization produced little in securitization volume, Redwood continued to issue.
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Redwood plans new RMBS in coming months

Posts drop in 1Q net income
Redwood Trust reported a drop in its first quarter 2016 earnings, shedding light on the troubles in the market and what it will do to overcome them. One area it's eyeing — that the rest of the market is hesitant on — is its Sequoia securitization program.
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Redwood Trust President Brett Nicholas stepping down

Will be replaced by REIT's current chief financial officer
Just over a month after Redwood Trust announced several shifts in its future business plans, including discontinuing the acquisition and aggregation of conforming loans for sale to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the real estate investment trust is about to experience another shift, this time in its senior management.
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Redwood Trust shifts away from Fannie, Freddie conforming loans

Ending purchases of GSE loans; also ceases commercial loan originations for CMBS
Seeking to rid itself of two business segments that are dragging on the REIT’s bottom line, Redwood Trust announced recently that it will be discontinuing the acquisition and aggregation of conforming loans for sale to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and will also discontinue commercial loan originations for distribution in commercial mortgage-backed securities.
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Redwood Trust turns in “disappointing” first quarter

Net income falls from $27 million to $15 million
Low interest rates sent Redwood Trust's net income down again in the first quarter of 2015, falling from $27 million in the fourth quarter of 2014 to $15 million in the first quarter. In a letter to shareholders, Redwood’s CEO, Marty Hughes, and president, Brett Nicholas, said they were “disappointed” by the results of the first quarter.
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Redwood Trust plans to increase loan acquisitions by 67% in 2015

Net income drops $18 million in 4th quarter
Despite a "challenging" 2014, Redwood Trust plans to greatly increase its loan acquisition activity in 2015. In a letter to shareholders, Redwood CEO Marty Hughes and President Brett Nichols, said that the REIT plans to acquire $15 billion in loans in 2015, an increase of 67% over 2014.
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Redwood Trust readies its first jumbo RMBS of 2015

$338.8 million offering receives AAA ratings
After a year when the once-prolific Redwood Trust issued only four prime jumbo residential mortgage-backed securitizations, the real estate investment trust is getting out of the gate early and in fine form in 2015 with its first offering of the year.
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Redwood Trust net income nearly triples

Reports net income of $45 million in 3rd quarter
The company’s mortgage banking activities created net income of $18 million in the third quarter, compared to only $6 million in the second quarter. The company also saw an $8 million increase on its net income generated by mortgage servicing rights.
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