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JPMorgan barely phased by TRID, financially

CFO weighs in on TRID during earnings call
JPMorgan Chase weighed in on the implications of TRID during its fourth-quarter conference call, shedding light on where big banks stand on the issue. Marianne Lake, chief financial officer of JPMorgan Chase, said that while TRID did cause some delays, it did not impact the bottom line very much.
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Bernie Sanders unveils foundation-shattering Wall Street reform plans

Vows to break up Wall Street’s biggest banks; sweeping reform of credit ratings agencies
It’s not exactly a stretch to say that Sen. Bernie Sanders is not the biggest fan of Wall Street. In a wide-ranging speech on Wall Street and the economy given Tuesday, Sanders detailed just how different life would be for the “too big to fail” banks under a Sanders administration. In fact, there would be no life for the “too big to fail” banks if Sanders is elected president, only death.
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OCC terminates JPMorgan and EverBank mortgage servicing consent orders

Both institutions will pay a civil money penalty
A little over six months since the restrictions were put in place, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency announced it terminated mortgage servicing-related consent orders against JPMorgan Chase and EverBank. Both banks now officially comply with the orders and only have a hefty fine to pay. However, not all banks are in the clear.
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DOJ reportedly pursuing criminal charges against JPMorgan Chase, RBS executives

U.S. finally targeting individuals for toxic mortgage bonds?
Following through on policy changes announced earlier this year that opened the door to individuals being held criminally responsible for corporate misconduct that helped cause the financial crisis, the Department of Justice is reportedly pursuing criminal charges against executives at the Royal Bank of Scotland and JPMorgan Chase.
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Fed proposes new bailout rules for biggest banks

Would be required to carry $120 billion in debt to reduce taxpayer burden
Eight of the country’s largest banks would be required to raise $120 billion to comply with a new rule proposed Friday by the Federal Reserve Board, with the money designated to recapitalize the bank should it fail, lessening the likelihood of a a government bailout.
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