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CFPB fines TransUnion and Equifax for deceiving consumers with their marketing

Turns out it’s not only TransUnion
HousingWire first broke the news late last week that TransUnion would pay just shy of $17 million as part of a settlement with the CFPB, as revealed by a company filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission. As it turns out, there's more. Today, the CFPB’s report revealed Equifax was fined too.
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TransUnion fined $16.9 million by CFPB for advertising practices

Will repay $13.9 million to consumers
TransUnion, one of the nation’s largest credit reporting agencies, will pay just shy of $17 million as part of a settlement with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau over the company’s advertising and marketing practices, the company disclosed late in the week.
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TransUnion: Rate hike could cause payment shock for 9M borrowers

But for everyone else, the impact will be minimal
TransUnion’s latest study shows the results of a rate hike on consumers, should the Fed ever decide to raise interest rates [not today, obviously]. While nine million could be looking at a payment shock that they can’t absorb, the rest of consumers, while possibly getting a small monthly increase, will be relatively unaffected, unless...
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Fannie Mae sets new date for use of trended credit data

After unexpected delay, latest Desktop Underwriter update coming soon
Last week, Fannie Mae unexpectedly announced a delay to the latest update to its Desktop Underwriter program. The delay was noteworthy because at the time, Fannie Mae didn't provide a date for when the use of trended credit data was going to begin. We now know the implementation date.
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