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Ellie Mae's next-gen Encompass Lending Platform accelerates time to market

All parties can share, interact and collaborate in one shared system
“With a platform approach to lending, the opportunities and ideas are endless. The Ellie Mae Encompass Lending Platform puts more power into the hands of our customers, partners and developers, enabling them to rapidly extend, integrate, and build new capabilities with Encompass that serve to differentiate and grow their businesses,” said Jonathan Corr, president and CEO, Ellie Mae.
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Ellie Mae chief financial officer Edgar Luce resigns

Matthew LaVay, senior vice president of finance, will take over
Ellie Mae, which is on quite the roll from a revenue standpoint, will soon have a new chief financial officer, as the company’s current CFO, Edgar Luce, announced plans to resign. The announcement, which came via a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission, states that Luce's resignation takes effect on April 1, 2017. According to Ellie Mae, Luce intends to retire.
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Mortgage credit availability loosens in October

Driven by increase in jumbo loans
A growth in investment and jumbo loans pushed credit availability up even further in October, loosening credit standards. Here, the Mortgage Bankers Association’s vice president of research and economics talks about the factors that caused the increase.
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Not only are Millennials buying homes, they’re refinancing

New Ellie Mae report gives pulse of current Millennial homebuying
Quelling rumors that Millennials don’t want to buy homes, a new report from Ellie Mae shows that they’re not only buying homes, they’re even to the point they want to refinance. However, this is still, overall, a small percentage of closed loans. Here’s a look at how Millennials are performing in other parts of the mortgage market.
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Ellie Mae posts first $100 million revenue quarter

Beats capital consensus
The record-breaking quarters for Ellie Mae are not slowing down. Once again, Ellie Mae reported record revenue, breaking the record that was set last quarter, which actually broke the record set in the quarter prior to that. This time, however, marks the first ever quarter that Ellie Mae posted more than $100 million in revenue.
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This is where mortgage technology is headed

One day soon, entire lending process will be online
Technology is revolutionizing the way our world thinks, works, communicates and even plays. When it comes to the housing industry, however, it seems to lag a bit behind, but that could all be about to change. Panelists from the MBA conference in Boston chime in on the subject.
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Ellie Mae launches Encompass lending platform and Connect suite of solutions

TPO Connect designed to optimize wholesale and correspondent channels
"Lenders see opportunities every day where they could build on top of solutions we provide," said Joe Tyrrell, executive vice president at Ellie Mae. "By taking a platform approach we've unlocked the opportunity for them to use APIs to take advantage of those opportunities to build out solutions quickly."
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Ellie Mae's Millennial Tracker prepares lenders to serve young homebuyers

Provides insight into lending trends
The mortgage industry is poised to experience a monumental shift as more Millennial homebuyers begin to enter the market. There are roughly 87 million would-be homebuyers in the Millennial generation and 91% of them say they intend to own a home one day. Lenders must prepare today to meet their needs.
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