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Ellie Mae launches new version of Encompass

Encompass 16.2 features Freddie Mac's Loan Product Advisor
Ellie Mae's new version of Encompass includes DataVerify’s DRIVE services, including fraud detection and 4506-T for income verification, and FraudGuard, First American Mortgage Solutions’ decision-support tool designed to quickly and accurately identify risk in mortgage transactions.
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MBA: Mortgage credit still getting tighter

Low-down mortgages not boosting closings
The mortgage credit box tightened for the third month in a row, except this time, contrary to previous months, all four indices tightened. This is despite efforts to promote 3% down programs to loosen mortgage credit. Freddie Mac's vice president of affordable lending and access to credit explains what the hold-up is, and why conditions continue to tighten.
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Ellie Mae teams up with Wells Fargo

Transfer data in one click
The two companies teamed up to create a solution for data transfer from Ellie Mae to Wells Fargo. Ellie Mae announced the new partnership, details the new process, and explains how it will improve efficiency. It's all right here.
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Freddie Mac joins forces with Ellie Mae to streamline the mortgage process

Brings next-level automation to mortgages
Freddie Mac made a huge announcement this morning at Mortgage Bankers Association's Secondary convention in New York City. Freddie Mac unveiled that it is integrating Loan Product Advisor into Ellie Mae's Encompass LOS this summer in conjunction with its rollout of Loan Advisor Suite. Click the headline to get the latest news.
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Ellie Mae launches mortgage app tracking Millennials

Provides insight into next generation of homebuyers
The housing industry is changing as more Millennials start seriously looking at buying a home. Ellie Mae’s new online interactive Millennial Tracker will keep track of the new trends so that lenders can be better prepared to meet the needs of the new generation.
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Hot Seat: Angela Cheek of Ellie Mae

Compliance Management System brings all parties together
The Ellie Mae Compliance Management System leverages Mavent, an automated compliance system which performs more than 370 federal, state and local consumer protection compliance reviews during the loan lifecycle. It also references AllRegs Online to ensure users are up-to-date and in compliance with the latest regulatory changes.
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Ellie Mae reports record 1Q revenue

Beats revenue and EPS expectations
Ellie Mae's first-quarter earnings results are in, and it looks good for the company. Not only did it beat revenue and EPS expectations, but it posted record revenue of $73.6 million.
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