[Chart] FHA mortgage insurance boom in the works?

[Chart] FHA mortgage insurance boom in the works?

MBA notes impact of cutting MIPs

loanDepot officially files for IPO

Number of shares, price range to be determined

Did Sen. Corker violate SEC rules, Senate ethics by telling investors to short GSEs?

Made questionable remarks on CNBC regarding stocks

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Ginnie Mae changes issuer requirements

Rule changes address regulatory issues, mergers, ownership changes
Citing an increase in the volume and complexity of requests for business status change approvals from its issuers, Ginnie Mae announced Tuesday a series of changes to its requirements. Click here to read Ginnie Mae's new rules.
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Fitch: RMBS investors seek better mortgage servicing

5 requests from the mortgage bond side
Despite tons of regulation, bond investors are far from satisfied with the mortgage servicing industry. And so, here are 5 steps from Fitch Ratings, which they say bond investors want mortgage servicers to take, in order to make things better.
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Is the threat of subprime bond lawsuits fading?

Investors may finally get paid
A new target for investors looking to recover RMBS will be the trustees. In addition to the on-going global settlement cases, new lawsuits were issued last year between investors and trustees. This new type of litigation was initiated for investors to recover their losses on RMBS by accusing trustees of negligence and breach of contract.
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