Senate approves short sale tax break

Senate approves short sale tax break

Allows tax relief on 2014 short sales

Another regulator investigates Ocwen Financial

Ocwen’s terrible, horrible, no good, very bad year just got worse

Senate fails to pass Terrorism Risk Insurance Act

Housing groups "extremely disappointed" in "alarming failure"

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DocMagic buys another loan document service provider

Fresh off eSignSystems acquisition
Jacob Gaffney
As part of the acquisition, DocMagic will bring on the entire team of Doc-Tech Corp, including co-founder and Doc-Tech president Lori Johnson, and Doc-Tech EVP of sales, Michael Chaney.
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DocMagic acquires eSignSystems

Gains handful of new products and services
Brena Swanson
DocMagic acquired electronic software solution provider eSignSystems from WAVE Systems. "The acquisition for DocMagic has spectacular timing for electronic mortgage adoption," said Tim Anderson, director of eServices for DocMagic.
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Interesting times for the mortgage industry require action

Recapping last week's posts and news on TILA-RESPA
Mark McElroy

Be aware that most systems don’t even stand behind their GFE/TIL and APR calculations with a rep and warrant for compliance.

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Here are the 12 lucky firms that landed the CFPB eClosing pilot program

Group explores benefits of technology in mortgages
Brena Swanson
It’s here. The anticipated list of participants in the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s mortgage eClosing pilot program was released Thursday, with 12 companies now helping pave the way into streamlining the mortgage process.
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The TILA-RESPA Combined Disclosure connection

Tim Anderson of DocMagic weighs in with Closing Call guest post
Tim Anderson

The primary issue is not only delivering the closing documents to the consumer three days ahead of closing (consummation), but now, with the delivery deadlines and tolerance requirements, the lender is on the hook to ensure even greater accuracy of the GFE/TIL at time of application.  

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What happened at Ellie Mae? Twitter holds the answer

Social media captures mortgage blackout
Brena Swanson
Ellie Mae drove the industry to the brink Monday and Tuesday after its loan origination system Encompass 360 shut down. Then factor in that it was the end of the month—an extra busy time for lenders—and the market almost lost it.
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The case for a paperless mortgage

The roadblock isn't technology, but acceptance
Bryan Kay
Two months wandering in a new compliance landscape makes the prospect of a seamless, paperless eMortgage even more compelling. In our increasingly digital society, an entirely paperless process for mortgage loan origination seems to be the next logical step.
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Early reflection on the impact of new Dodd-Frank rules

As more rules hit the books, the industry responds to changes
Laurie Spira
More and more, companies understand that compliance in the new mortgage industry is something that needs to become a regular part of everyday operations. The stakes are now simply too high not to bake compliance into every aspect of the delivery of a financial product or service to American consumers.
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Executive Conversations: DocMagic walks strong into QM

Warning: "Adjusting to compliance might take a little longer"
Brena Swanson
Executive Conversations is a HousingWire web series that profiles powerful people in the mortgage finance industry. In the latest installment, we sit down with Laurie Spira, chief compliance officer at DocMagic, to see how the lender is laying the groundwork for all the new regulatory changes.
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Platinum Data Solutions hires Norm Koenig as SVP

Platinum Data Solutions appointed Norm Koenig senior vice president of sales. He brings a wealth of experience in sales and management to his new role.
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