This is why millennials need a new credit scoring system

This is why millennials need a new credit scoring system

Turns out they WANT credit, but just can't GET credit

Meet our incredible 2015 Women of Influence

Announcing 40 leaders driving the housing economy

CFPB to mortgage industry: Get out of MSAs

Industry calls move regulation by enforcement

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Sen. Ted Cruz introduces bill to abolish CFPB

Partners with Rep. John Ratcliffe on bill to eliminate "runaway agency"
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which celebrated its fourth birthday earlier this week, won’t see its fifth birthday if Sen. Ted Cruz has his way. Cruz, along with Rep. John Ratcliffe, introduced a bill in Congress this week that would abolish the CFPB.
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The history of g-fees

FHFA gives update to Congress
The average level of guarantee fees charged has increased since 2009. However, as the study shows, the changes will result in little or no change to borrowers. This chart gives a comprehensive history of g-fees since 2008.
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Senator Perdue: Rogue CFPB creates new rules and regulations at whim

Introduces bill to rein in “malicious financial policy”
A U.S. Senator introduced a bill Tuesday that would greatly rein in the power and budget of the CFPB, an agency he says is more interested in protecting itself than protecting consumers. It pairs with a House bill that would bring the same accountability. Here's what's happening in Congress right now.
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Mortgage industry: Give us a “good-faith” grace period on TRID

Heavy burden of untested TILA-RESPA process worries bankers, housing experts
Key figures in the housing industry testified before the House Subcommittee on Housing and Insurance Thursday, urging members to support a good-faith grace period for compliance with the massive TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure requirements. Will they get it and will it be enough?
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