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Wells Fargo heat turned up: Oregon wants big changes, California wants Stumpf to resign

Another state wants structural changes at embattled megabank
The hot seat Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf currently resides on is nowhere close to cooling off, especially in the wake of Stumpf’s rough appearance Thursday before the House Financial Services Committee to discuss the bank’s fake account scandal. Now, two separate states are calling for significant changes at Wells Fargo, with one calling for Stumpf's resignation.
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Oregon couple forced out of tiny home

Deemed unsuitable for land it’s on
The city named a tiny home in a residential neighborhood unfit for the land that it’s on. Now, despite housing shortages in the area, the couple was evicted from their home. These homeowners claim the government is going after the wrong people.
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New American Funding expands to Oregon

Will service Lake Oswego and surrounding areas
California-based New American Funding just expanded into the Lake Oswego area in Oregon. See why executives thought Oregon is the natural fit, and who they hired as the new state area manager.
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Oregon warns residents about 'fraudulent' loan modifications

State alerts residents to avoid Liberty One Mortgage
Oregon residents should avoid doing any kind of business with Liberty One Mortgage because the company is unlicensed, unregistered, and is engaging in mortgage fraud, the Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services said. During an investigation, it was discovered that the Studio City, California address Liberty One provided on documentation to Oregon homeowners was actually the location of an Indian food restaurant.
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Oregon No. 1 state to move to

Wins three years straight
The Northwest continues to draw in new people each year. Whether it's the surge in tech jobs or close proximity to nature, Oregon has ranked as the No. 1 state to move to three years in a row.
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Lenda expands into Oregon

Continues its rapid growth
While Lenda has caused some stir in the industry due to its unique approach to mortgage lending, it is faring quite well in the market, which includes its latest expansion into Oregon.
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