How far can lenders push the credit box?

How far can lenders push the credit box?

Watt announcement helps, but risk keeps standards tight

Warren calls for GAO investigation of nonbank servicers

Asks GAO to review “unprecedented” growth of nonbank servicers

Freddie Mac CEO: We will help increase mortgage lending

Competition among two is still competition

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MBA leaders challenge federal regulators to take action

MBA: It's time for the penalty phase to end
Sarah Wheeler
"Today's lenders are paying many times over for mistakes that may have been out of their control," Bill Cosgrove, MBA chairman, said Monday at the MBA Convention in Las Vegas. "And it's the consumer who pays the ultimate price. It's time for the penalty phase to end."
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The new standard for getting a mortgage

Small banks slowly fill in lending gap
Brena Swanson
While the big banks are still stingy on the people they choose to lend to, a small handful of banks are willing to bet on select borrowers who still have high credit scores despite a few blips on their financial history.
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Radian: Mortgage delinquencies dropping

Book of new business increases
Jacob Gaffney
The news comes as no surprise as Monday Morning Cup of Coffee notes a Bank of America Merrill Lynch report finds business at the Federal Housing Administration, the government-backed mortgage insurance provider, is collapsing for various reasons.
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HUD watchdog accuses EverBank of violating FHA short sale policies

Recommends bank should repay $1.57 million to HUD
Ben Lane
According to the report from the HUD-OIG, EverBank improperly determined whether borrowers were eligible to participate in the FHA’s preforeclosure sale program and as a result of those failings, the FHA insurance fund paid approximately $1.57 million in improper claims.
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AllRegs named publisher for FHA single-family policies

Increases info management for the administration
Levi Shultz
“Since founding this company in 1989 my goal has been twofold; to create a central location where industry professionals can go for fast, reliable answers and to provide a cost-effective method of information management for all industry participants,” said Glenn Ford, founder and CEO of AllRegs.
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Lenders generated $428M modifying defaulted FHA loans

FHA missed opportunities to strengthen its insurance fund
Trey Garrison
An audit of the Federal Housing Administration’s loss-mitigation program found that lenders generated $428 million modifying defaulted FHA loans, costing Housing & Urban Development.
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OIG: FHFA can mitigate GSE risks from servicing, selling guidelines

GSEs don’t require independent assurance on counterparties
Trey Garrison
The Federal Housing Finance Agency can further mitigate the risks posed by Fannie Mae’s and Freddie Mac’s reliance on their counterparties’ information on origination and servicing compliance.
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Are there troubling trends in the new 2013 HMDA data?

Affordable housing advocates say yes, and here's why
Trey Garrison
Low-income, moderate-income and nonwhite borrowers are being squeezed out of homeownership, community coalition says.
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3 burning appraisal questions for the CEO of Veros

This is what Darius Bozorgi means
Jacob Gaffney
During a recent panel at the Bipartisan Housing Summit, Darius Bozorgi, the CEO of Veros, indicated that he felt the technological approach of Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and the Federal Housing Administration should be extended to the rest of the housing industry. Here's what he meant.
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Monday Morning Cup of Coffee: Judge deals major blow to investors in GSE lawsuit

Fed mortgage stability monitoring nothing more than a myth?
Trey Garrison
Is the case against Treasury crippled? Is the idea of the Fed maintaining mortgage market stability a unicorn? What happens when 3,500 structured finance professionals get together in Miami for three days? Read on and find out.
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