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Former Dallas Cowboy out of prison after serving 3 years for mortgage fraud

Eugene Lockhart jailed for taking part in $20 million fraud scheme
A former Dallas Cowboys player is out of federal prison after serving three years for taking part in a $20 million mortgage fraud scheme, which involved at least 10 other people who were also convicted. The scheme saw the group recruit straw buyers who falsified their income documents to obtain loans for inflated prices.
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Scavengers raid foreclosed home

Bank tosses deceased owner’s belongings on front lawn
A Dallas neighborhood is up in arms after the contents of a foreclosed home were dumped onto the home’s front lawn, drawing a crowd of people who rummaged through the items in search of valuables.
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North Texas’ largest home hits the market for $100 million

Tom Hicks’ mansion is the stuff of legend
The largest and perhaps most notorious home in North Texas is now on the market with an absolutely staggering price tag. The main house’s master bedroom suite checks in at 3,000 square feet. Yep, you read that right…the master bedroom alone is 3,000 square feet.
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The key to Texas growth in 2015

2014 the second-best year ever for Texas real estate
Last year was once again a landmark year for the Texas housing market. But in order to maintain the same strength in 2015, the Lone Star State will still have to overcome some challenges.
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Texas mortgage market will still shine in 2015

Oil bust? Give me a break
Despite everything going on in the oil industry, the Texas housing market is still poised to shine in 2015. Texas-based Guardian Mortgage explained that 2015 looks to be both bigger and better than last year; itself a pretty decent year.
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The future of the Dallas mortgage market

A forecast for 2015 and it looks bright
For the second year in a row, Dallas-Fort Worth ranked as the fifth-best area in which to build or invest in real estate, paving the way into 2015. But the forecast isn't all positive.
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