Monday Morning Cup of Coffee: Goldman's $1B FHFA settlement?

Monday Morning Cup of Coffee: Goldman's $1B FHFA settlement?

America’s lost decade; FHA fees drag; Mortgage lending, RMBS slow to a crawl

Here’s why the FHFA is not a fan of principal reduction

Who's going to pay for that?

Before you judge Dodd-Frank...

Urban Institute: "Can we really calculate the cost?"

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Madoff sons accused of role in Ponzi scheme

Lawsuit alleges two sons diverted tens of millions of dollars
July 17, 2014
Bernie Madoff's sons are being accused of diverting tens of millions of dollars from their father’s firm during the time he was perpetrating Ponzi scheme.
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Chase’s fraudulent foreclosure: Court finds for plaintiffs

Bank committed fraud in order to show ownership
July 2, 2014

A California appeals court upheld a ruling that said a Chase executive created a document that fraudulently represented that a prior assignment had been lost and that Chase owned the plaintiff's mortgage.

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Barclays faces fraud lawsuit from NY AG

June 25, 2014
New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman will file a securities lawsuit against Barclays for misrepresenting the safety of its U.S.-based alternative trading system, or dark pool, to investors.
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BlackRock, Pimco sue Wells Fargo, Citi, others over mortgage bonds

Allege that trustees should have forced banks to buy back toxic loans
June 19, 2014
BlackRock and Pimco are leading a group of investors who have filed suit against six of the largest mortgage bond trustees, alleging that the trustees failed to properly administer the mortgage trusts by not forcing mortgage lenders to repurchase toxic loans.
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Court rules Merrill Lynch must face $1 billion mortgage lawsuit

Trusts trying to force company to buy back bad loans
June 17, 2014
The two trusts said Merrill was obligated to buy back the loans because ResMAE could no longer fulfill its contractual obligations because the company had been liquidated in bankruptcy.
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More bad news for JPMorgan Chase

City of Miami sues bank over predatory lending practices
June 16, 2014
Miami becomes the third city in recent weeks to sue a bank for discriminatory lending practices. JPMorgan Chase is now facing lawsuits from both Los Angeles and Miami.
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Bank of America could pay $12 billion to settle mortgage claims

Could surpass JPMorgan
June 6, 2014
Bank of America is in talks with the Justice Department to settle the bank’s alleged handling of shoddy mortgages in the runup to the financial crisis.
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LA sues JPMorgan for discriminatory lending

May 30, 2014
The city of Los Angles is trying to recover damages due to discriminatory lending and filed a lawsuit against JPMorgan Chase for pushing minority borrowers into mortgages they could not afford.
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Wells Fargo to pay $62.5M to settle securities lending suit

May 30, 2014
After improperly advertising a risky securities lending program as safe, Wells Fargo agreed to pay $62.5 million to settle claims.
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Santander faces pending lawsuit over lending discrimination

May 29, 2014
Years after the financial crisis and reports that banks are deliberately not lending in predominately minority neighborhoods are still trickling in, with the latest being from the city of Providence.
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