Rick Sharga: Is this the end of the housing recovery?

Rick Sharga: Is this the end of the housing recovery?

Maybe it wasn’t the snow after all

Stewart Information Services 1Q earnings suffer from mortgage reductions

Posts net loss of $12.1 million

New home sales plummet 14.5% in March

Spring buying season off with a whimper

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Allstate and Bank of America dismiss $700 million mortgage lawsuit

Matters resolved on mutually agreed terms
April 9, 2014
Allstate and Bank of America dismissed a lawsuit that dealt with $700 million of toxic mortgage debt, agreeing to the dismissal of the action in its entirety.
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Judge okays RMBS fraud lawsuit against Goldman Sachs

Detroit fire and police pension can sue for fraud
March 28, 2014
A U.S. federal district judge is giving the go ahead to a class-action lawsuit first filed in 2010 by the Detroit firefighter and police pension fund accusing Goldman Sachs (GS) of fraud in relation to the quality of loans in bundles of mortgage-backed securities.
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Michigan attorneys face sanction for frivolous foreclosure delays

Appellate court awards taxable costs to lender
March 13, 2014
Attorneys in Michigan who file what are ruled frivolous complaints or requests for delays in foreclosure or eviction cases can be sanctioned.
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Federal judge sides with Fannie, Freddie shareholders

America's argument rejected
February 26, 2014
The Federal government argued that investors in Fannie and Freddie thought the GSEs would become insolvent. The investors say they expected a path to profitability. Those investors now have a chance to prove it.
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Better Markets puts JPMorgan in mortgage-settlement crosshairs

5 reasons they say Justice went easy on the bank
February 10, 2014
Better Markets charges that the DOJ violated the U.S. Constitution and U.S. laws by using a mere contractual agreement to resolve claims of historic importance without subjecting the agreement to independent judicial review.
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Denver real estate broker battles Fannie Mae

Fannie disputes her claims
January 31, 2014
Fannie Mae filed a complaint against K.O. Realty Inc., arguing that it properly terminated its contract with the firm. However, the Realtor filed a counterclaim, noting that she was wrongfully terminated.
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MERS notches win in Kentucky lawsuit

November 27, 2013
A lawsuit in Kentucky brought against Virginia-based Mortgage Electronic Registration Services, or MERS, has been tossed out of U.S. District Court. The case, brought by 14 different Kentucky county attorneys against the mortgage firm, alleged MERS owed Kentucky counties millions of dollars in fees.
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Freddie Mac defeats lawsuit over pre-crisis disclosures

November 5, 2013
A federal court of appeals chose to uphold the dismissal of a shareholder lawsuit accusing Freddie Mac of concealing its unstable finances, and its subprime mortgage exposure prior to the financial crisis.
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Bank of America lawsuit over AIG disclosure dismissed

November 4, 2013
Bank of America won the dismissal of a lawsuit, which accused the mega bank of concealing a $10 billion fraud case brought by AIG.
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FHFA lawsuit could cost BofA upwards of $8B

October 29, 2013
Bank of America may end up paying as much as $8 billion to settle a mortgage lawsuit filed by the Federal Housing Finance Agency.
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