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Trump: If I win, Yellen's days at the Fed will be numbered

Republican frontrunner tells Fortune he'd replace Fed Chair
If Republican frontrunner Donald Trump secures a victory in November’s election and is sworn in on Jan. 20, 2017 as this country's next president, Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen may shortly find herself out of a job.
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Can the Fed reverse interest rate hikes, impose negative rates?

Fed Chair Yellen testifies before House Financial Services Committee
The hot topic for questioning during Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen’s hearing before the House Financial Services Committee Wednesday morning centered around the feasibility of negative Fed rates. The Fed announced in December that it was officially raising the federal funds rate for the first time since June 2006. Is this all about to change?
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Fed’s Yellen to Congress: December ‘live possibility’ for interest rate hike

Cautions that no decision has been made
When the Federal Reserve announced last week that it would not be increasing the federal funds rate in November, speculation ran rampant on whether a rate hike would be coming after the next meeting of the Federal Open Market Committee in December. Speaking Wednesday before the House Financial Services Committee, Fed Chair Janet Yellen formalized that possibility.
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Donald Trump accuses Obama, Yellen of conspiring to keep interest rates low

Republican presidential candidate says Fed told not raise rates
Every time Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump addresses a crowd, either in a debate, in a one-on-one with the media or at a campaign event, it’s more likely than not that he’s going to say something that creates a buzz. And Tuesday was no different, although this time, Trump went well beyond commenting on Carly Fiorina’s looks or getting into it with Jeb Bush about 9/11.
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