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Yellen reiterates rates likely to increase this year

Will the Fed finally begin normalizing monetary policy?
Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen reaffirmed in a speech to The City Club of Cleveland that she still expects it will be appropriate later this year to take the first step to raise the federal funds rate. However, in this speech, Yellen includes two things that could restrain economic growth.
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Yellen: A rate increase in 2015 is possible

And most of the committee agrees
A federal funds rate increase this year is possible given current economic data, Fed Chair Janet Yellen said in a press conference on Wednesday after the Federal Open Market Committee June meeting announcement. And what's more, most participants agree with her.
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Yellen: If nothing changes, expect higher interest rates this year

Contingent on “continued improvement” in labor market conditions
As predicted by many economists, the Federal Reserve is indeed considering raising the Federal Funds Rate later this year, Fed Chair Janet Yellen said Friday. And if the economy improves as expected, she believes it will be “appropriate” for the Fed to raise the Federal Funds Rate this year, which in turn, would affect mortgage interest rates.
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The Economist snubs Janet Yellen

Fed Chair left off publication's most influential economist list
A quick perusal of The Economist's list of the most influential economists shows that one very pivotal name is nowhere to be found. But somehow Jonathan Gruber made the list.
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FOMC: Tapering is officially over

Economy expands at moderate pace
It’s over. The Federal Open Market Committee officially decided to conclude its two-year-old asset purchase program this month due to the substantial improvement in the outlook for the labor market and strength in the broader economy. The Zero Interest Rate Policy, on the other hand, remains in full effect.
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Chris Whalen: The Great Recession’s true impact

What has really changed?
It’s been about half a decade since the Great Recession, and the economy still has room for improvement. Christopher Whalen argues that the low-interest-rate environment that arguably helped cause the 2008 financial crisis remains in place today.
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KBRA: 3 reasons the Fed won't change interest-rate policy

"Adverse market conditions in the future"
The Federal Open Market Committee is nearing the end of quantitative easing, spurring a lot of questions in the market on what the future holds. Kroll Bond Rating Agency’s Christopher Whalen suggests the markets may be overestimating the willingness of the FOMC to make a change in interest rate policy for three key reasons.
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