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The war between Yellen and Trump

Fed likely to raise interest rates Wednesday
The ongoing battle between Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen and President-elect Donald Trump is about to escalate to a new level come Wednesday. The two already have a tense relationship due to Trump saying, “If I win, Yellen’s days at the Fed will be numbered.” Now Yellen is charged with having to keep a lid on inflation in the midst of optimism following Trump’s victory.
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Chance of a Fed rate hike in December? 100%

Bloomberg forecast based on futures trading
With less than a month left before the final Federal Reserve meeting of the year, Bloomberg rates the chances of a Fed interest rate hike at 100%, according to calculations based on futures. Will the Fed finally decide to raise rates again for the first time since last December?
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Janet Yellen: I plan to finish my term as Fed chair

Ends speculation of her stepping down
After President-elect Donald Trump won the election on Nov. 8, experts speculated over whether Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen would resign from her position immediately, as Securities and Exchange Commission Chair Mary Jo White did earlier this week. On Thursday, Yellen ended the rumors once and for all, saying she plans to serve until her term ends in 2018.
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Yellen sends strong signal Fed is close to raising rates again

Does not mention new President-elect
Janet Yellen spoke before Congress’ Joint Economic Committee about the possibility of raising interest rates. Though the markets have shown significant changes since last week’s elections, she did not mention the new president-elect. Instead, Yellen focused on what the market needs to see to justify a rate hike in December.
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Trump adviser: Fed chair Janet Yellen can stay

New president-elect not calling for her resignation
President-elect Donald Trump said a lot about Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen during his campaign trail. Now, however, an economic advisor to Trump seemed to change the tune. Here’s more on what Trump’s team says about the future of the Fed chair.
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Is the Federal Reserve going to stay intact?

Will there be a new Fed chair sooner than expected?
Newly minted President-elect Donald Trump can already put changing up the structure of the Federal Reserve at the top of his list. Right now, there are two seats up for grabs. But the more important question is what will become of already criticized Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen?
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