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Regulators caution on potential home equity loan defaults

Brena Swanson
U.S. regulators warned banks to work with clients to avoid defaults on hundreds of billions of dollars of home equity lines of credit taken out during the financial crisis that will be due soon.
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Is the HELOC-backed RMBS coming back?

Banks looking for new ways to offer HELOC securitizations
Ben Lane
According to a Reuters report from earlier this month, originators are working to determine if HELOC securitizations are viable in today’s market.
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Wells Fargo redesigns HELOCs to save borrowers

Brena Swanson
Switching things up quite a bit, Wells Fargo announced it is revamping how it provides home equity lines of credit in an effort to prevent future payment shock issues.
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Americans ready to spend money...especially on housing

32% of people looking to buy a home in the next two years
Brena Swanson
Americans are becoming more optimistic about buying a home, with 67% of people saying they plan on purchasing a home, and of that amount, 32% are looking to buy within the next two years.
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Freddie Mac: Borrowers save more than $1 billion

Brena Swanson
Borrowers will save on net more than $1 billion in interest payments over the coming year as they continue to shorten their payment terms and build equity in their homes, Freddie Mac said.
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Bond investors demand more second lien and HELOC deals

Supply too thin in secondary market
Jacob Gaffney
MountainView Capital is reporting that investors want more secondary deals involving home equity lines of credit and other second lien mortgages. And they say they have the stats to prove it.
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Is the next wave of mortgage trouble about to reset?

Springboard: Nearly half of all HELOCs will reset in next few years
Trey Garrison
Springboard Nonprofit Consumer Credit Management, Inc. is expanding services available for home-loan borrowers who need help with recent or upcoming increases on their Home Equity Line of Credit or second mortgage payments.
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From HW Magazine

Split personality

HELOC defaults will increase but opportunity knocks with rising originations
Kerry Curry
Home equity lines of credit initiated during the run-up of the housing market turn 10 this year. It’s not a birthday anyone is particularly celebrating, but one in which lenders are still making a silent wish before blowing out the candles.
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Credit standards going easy on jumbo mortgages

Demand for non-government loans keeps growing
Brena Swanson
While mortgage originations have hit the lowest level since 2010, it is not all bad news. Rising home prices have helped cause an increase in demand of home equity lines of credit, in addition to 2013 originating the best-performing mortgages on record.
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Lenders search for plan B

Rising rates, competition fuel other lending avenues
Brena Swanson
As home prices continue to rise and rates remain on their upward trajectory, lenders are starting to open their doors to more financing opportunities for borrowers with a possible non-Qualified Mortgage market on the horizon.
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