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Fannie Mae: Consumers never felt so poorly about home buying

Homebuyer confidence falls to all-time low
Fewer consumers feel that now is a good time to buy than ever before, according to new survey results released Monday by Fannie Mae. The survey results come on the heels of the previous month’s survey, which showed consumers had less confidence in the housing market in general than they had for 18 months.
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Fannie Mae: Consumer confidence in housing falls to 18-month low

Despite the fact that mortgage interest rates just fell to the lowest level since February 2015, consumers haven’t felt this poorly about the housing market in 18 months. In fact, more people feel that now is a bad time to sell a home rather than a good time to sell for the first time in more than a year.
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Morgan Stanley: Global recession risk rises 30% this year

One in three chance things end badly
Morgan Stanley is hinting that we should all consider cancelling our summer vacations. Quants at the Wall Street investment bank say the risk of the global economy sliding back into a recession is now nearly a one-in-three shot, according to coverage in the Telegraph UK. But why?
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Fannie Mae: Consumer confidence in housing market fell in October

Survey results show that consumers felt September was better market
Consumers’ feelings towards the housing market were weaker in the month of October than they were in September, as some consumers displayed hesitancy to commit to the long-term financial obligation of buying a home, a new survey from Fannie Mae showed.
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Consumer spending flat in June

Americans hold fast even as rates increase
Americans' daily self-reports of spending averaged $90 for the month of June, essentially unchanged from the previous two months, despite the surge in homebuying brought on by worries about rising interest rates. Here's what's happening.
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