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Independent voters growing more optimistic about economy

Republican and Democrat partisan gap grows wider than ever
The divide between Republicans and Democrats is growing wider as Republicans’ optimism hits new highs and Democrats’ pessimism hits new lows. Independents, however, are growing more optimistic about the future and present state of the economy.
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Consumer confidence retreats in January

Surveys show conflicting results
A survey conducted by The Conference Board by Nielsen shows that Americans are less confident in the economy in January. However, other measures of consumer confidence disagree with that notion. Americans are more confident in their present situation, but less optimistic about the future.
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Housing sentiment decreases for fifth straight month

Tampered by rise in mortgage rates
After interest rates shot up in the weeks following the presidential election, consumer sentiment regarding housing decreased yet again in December. Fannie Mae’s chief economist explains what two components could push housing sentiment forward in 2017.
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Consumer confidence hits highest level since 2001

Americans upbeat on economic outlook
Consumers are feeling more upbeat about America’s economic outlook than at any time in the last 13 years. And President-elect Donald Trump is a big reason behind that rise, helping push consumer confidence to the highest level since August 2001.
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Consumer confidence now back to pre-recession levels

Americans feel better about present and future situation
The elections and even the time leading up to the presidential elections brought a new wave of consumer confidence. In fact, consumers are now back at pre-recession levels when it comes to their confidence in the economy – both for their present situation and future expectations.
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Consumer confidence tumbles in October

Many say business conditions are bad
After hitting post-recession highs in September, consumer confidence dropped in October. According to one economist, the upcoming elections could be putting many consumers slightly on edge. Here’s more about where Americans say the economy sits, and where it’s headed.
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Consumers less confident than any time since last year

Fall seen in households with annual income under $75,000
Consumers feel less confident about the economy than at any point since last year. The impact is felt most by households that make less than $75,000, as consumer confidence in those households dropped to the lowest level of confidence since 2014.
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Consumer optimism holds steady in July

Economic growth to continue into third quarter
Consumer confidence barely moved, but remains historically high. While consumers may feel less confident about business in the short term, experts explain that this report tells tale of increasing economic growth into the third quarter.
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