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S&P cuts Ocwen’s servicer rankings to “below average”

Internal audit results reveal “high-risk findings” in key areas
Citing a “deficient” internal controls environment that has not kept pace with the company’s growth, Standard & Poor’s downgraded the servicer rankings of Ocwen Loan Servicing from “average” to “below average.” Click through to read more.
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Ocwen CEO gives baffled reaction to ratings rollercoaster

Upgraded by Moody’s, placed on Credit Watch by S&P
Just days receiving a bit of good news when Moody’s Investors Service upgraded its ratings, Ocwen Financial learned Standard & Poor’s placed its rankings on “CreditWatch negative.” So, what gives? Turns out the CEO of Ocwen is just as baffled by the news.
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Dodd-Frank fails again

Standard & Poor's shocking mortgage bond fraud
Ladies and gentlemen, it’s been some time since the mortgage bond world felt shaken to the core. But shaken, right now, it feels, according to several recent conversations I’ve had on the subject.
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It’s official: S&P to pay record-breaking fine for misleading RMBS investors

Settlement with DOJ resolves claims of inflated pre-crisis ratings
A credit ratings agency is finally facing the music. As was first rumored in early January, Standard & Poor’s will indeed pay $1.375 billion as part of settlement with the U.S. Department of Justice and nearly 20 states over claims that S&P knowingly misled mortgage bond investors by issuing trumped up ratings for pre-crisis residential mortgage-backed securities.
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DOJ shifts focus to Moody’s Investors Service

Investigates ratings in the buildup to the financial crisis
Credit-rating agencies have been under a lot of fire recently. Now that the U.S. Department of Justice is wrapping up its case with Standard & Poor’s, it is shifting its attention to Moody’s Investors Service for similar issues.
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Calpers settles with S&P for $125 million

Moody’s still under pursuit
The California Public Employees’ Retirement System’s fight against two top credit ratings agencies is starting to come to a close, resolving a case involving inflated grades of residential-mortgage deals that later faltered.
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S&P reportedly close to massive mortgage-bond rating settlement

WSJ: Department of Justice may get billions
Standard & Poor’s is reportedly closing in on a $1.37 billion settlement with the U.S. Department of Justice and more than a dozen states over claims that S&P knowingly misled investors by issuing trumped up ratings for pre-crisis residential mortgage-backed securities.
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S&P: Nonbank earnings will be weak

Too little demand
"We believe industry earnings are likely to remain weak unless supply contracts substantially as some of the originators that expanded during the boom exit the market, or unless industry credit standards ease materially, enabling more borrowers to obtain mortgages," said Standard & Poor's credit analyst Stephen Lynch.
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