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This little-known rule could mean higher mortgage costs

Bond investors coordinate opposition
Jacob Gaffney
It may not be the biggest threat to the mortgage industry, but bond investors say it could impact the American homebuyer bottom line.
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FINRA fines Citi $3.5 million for inaccurate subprime data

Kerri Ann Panchuk
The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority fined Citigroup Global Markets [stock C][/stock] $3.5 million for issuing inaccurate mortgage quality data on subprime residential mortgage-backed securitization deals.Finra claimed in...
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FINRA Sanctions Three Brokers Over CMO Sales

Paul Jackson
Long-time HW readers may recall an earlier brouhaha over failed Orange County, Calif.-based brokerage Brookstreet Securities Corp., and regulators' subsequent investigation into collateralized mortgage obligations, or CMOs; at the time, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority said it was probing individual brokerages over suitability concerns tied to CMOs.
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FINRA Warns on Reverse Mortgages

Paul Jackson
There aren't many areas of the mortgage origination business that are booming, but one area -- reverse mortgages -- has seen high growth despite the industry downturn. And it's now an area that financial experts are growing increasingly concerned about.
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Regulators Broaden Mortgage Probe: Were Retail Investors Playing with IO Strips?

Paul Jackson
Both the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg reported Friday morning that the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority -- FINRA for short -- is investigating securities brokerage firms' marketing and sale of collateralized mortgage obligations. HW readers may recall coverage of Orange County, Calif.-based Brookstreet Securities Corp., which went belly-up in June over bad CMO bets.
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