Here are the 20 hottest housing markets right now

Here are the 20 hottest housing markets right now reveals where demand and prices are sizzling

Mortgage closing costs drop 7% to $1,847

Origination fees dropped but third-party costs rose

Monday Morning Cup of Coffee: G-fees won’t pay for highways

Fed inaction leaves analysts strongly neutral on mortgage bonds

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Is it time to 86 the FICO?

Using only one model leaves money on the table for lenders
First, I’m not suggesting totally yanking FICO or Vantage Scores or anything like that. What I am recommending is the adoption of other models that would equally, or even more effectively, determine who can repay a loan.
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Millennials most confident generation about their credit scores

Infographic shows generational view of FICO scores
While Millennials are the most confident generation — with nearly three in five Millennials saying they would be comfortable disclosing their credit score to their parents — they may not be the most aware. This infographic shows exactly where each generation stands.
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Expected FICO changes to aid risky borrowers

Will reflect utility payments
Borrowers with a bad credit history are getting a second chance in the mortgage game. Fair Isaac Corp. is supposed to announce a new credit score metric as soon as this week that will help borrowers who are regarded as too risky by some lenders obtain mortgages, credit cards and auto loans.
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The truth about a housing "recovery" in 2015

Lynn Effinger looks into his crystal ball
With a virtual plethora of articles appearing in 2014 throughout the “regular” media, the blogosphere, and various other venues regarding the strength or weakness in our economy, one could surmise that there is a clear trend. One expert says that, yes, there is a trend, but it is not a positive one.
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Most Americans are wrong about their credit score

Think paying your cell phone helps?
A significant number of Americans are confused when it comes to what does and does not get reported to national credit bureaus. In fact, many Americans think paying the utilities on time helps with their score. They should think again.
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