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Federal judge approves Detroit’s bankruptcy plan

Did Detroit’s housing market just turn a corner?
Detroit’s housing market was one of the most severely attacked during the financial crisis, leaving a wasteland of foreclosed and abandoned homes. But a new ruling might help give the city the extra boost it needs.
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Chris Whalen: The Great Recession’s true impact

What has really changed?
It’s been about half a decade since the Great Recession, and the economy still has room for improvement. Christopher Whalen argues that the low-interest-rate environment that arguably helped cause the 2008 financial crisis remains in place today.
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Are appraisers holding back housing?

New rules hinder appraisals
Although a new study indicates that inflated appraisals are less common today, the impact of low appraisals may be problematic in its own right — higher levels of loan rejections that put a damper on the housing market.
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Are subprime mortgages coming back?

Lenders missing opportunity to make more money
It’s time to return to the days of subprime lending, at least that's what this one article suggests. But not the subprime lending that is negatively associated with the financial crisis.
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