Here's where expert economists think housing is going

Washington is protecting buyers right out of homeownership

BPC Housing Commissioner: Give borrowers a chance to fail

2 reasons the single-family rental securitization market won’t exceed $20 billion

$1 trillion market? Not even close.

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Fannie Mae widens credit box for failed homeowners

Updates minimum wait periods
Brena Swanson

Good news for failed homeowners: Fannie Mae updated the policy related to the minimum waiting periods following a preforeclosure sale or deed-in-lieu of foreclosure, making it easier for borrowers to jump back into the market.

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FHFA changes to FHLBs would devastate REIT membership

FHFA director proposes ongoing stake, more stringent definitions
Trey Garrison
The Federal Housing Finance Agency is proposing a new rule that would revise the requirements for financial institutions to apply for and retain membership in one of the 12 Federal Home Loan Banks, and dial real estate investment trusts out.
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WATCH: FHFA Director Watt ensures HARP is "not a scam”

800,000 families still eligible for HARP
Brena Swanson
There are still 800,000 families nationwide that could benefit from the Home Affordable Refinance Program, but many of the eligible consumers left are staying out of the market due to fear.
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It's settled: Principal reduction is smart policy

How the BofA settlement opened the door
Christie Peale

For the first time, loans insured by the Federal Housing Administration will be eligible for principal reduction under the consumer relief menu in a major settlement. 

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Urban Institute: There is an art to G-fee increases

3 conclusions behind rate hikes
Brena Swanson
As the Federal Housing Finance Agency continues to seek input on guarantee fees, according to the Urban Institute, the process might not be too easy to conquer.
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SIFMA says FHFA must raise g-fees but carefully

Must strike balance protecting GSE MBS, bringing in private capital
Trey Garrison
Slow, steady and measured is how the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association thinks the Federal Housing Finance Agency should approach raising Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae guarantee fees.
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Freddie Mac income and revenue down

Decline driven by falling settlement income, derivative changes
Trey Garrison
Freddie Mac reported net income of $1.4 billion for the second quarter of 2014, compared to $4 billion for the first quarter of 2014, with the sharp drop driven primarily by lower income from legal settlements related to private-label securities.
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From HW Magazine

The First Director

The FHFA's Mel Watt on the GSEs, and his role in shaping the future of the housing economy
Jacob Gaffney
Melvin Luther Watt quietly slid into his office as the first appointed director of the Federal Housing Finance Agency. It was the end of last year, in mid-December. Christmas was coming and the markets were in the middle of the harshest winter in years. As he took over the office of Acting Director Ed DeMarco — himself the unassuming lightning rod for the nation’s housing policy — Watt gave no indication of what he intended to do with his new position; arguably the most powerful job in mortgage finance.
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FHFA extends G-fee input deadline

Seeks industry opinion on G-fee policy
Brena Swanson

The Federal Housing Finance Agency extended its deadline for accepting industry input on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac guarantee fees to Sept. 8, allowing more time for public comment on G-fee policy and implementation regarding the optimum level of G-fees required to protect taxpayers.

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FHFA considering plan to offer single Fannie, Freddie bonds

Report on Common Securitization Platform may be coming soon
Ben Lane
During his May speech at the Brookings Institute, FHFA Director Mel Watt said that adjusting the way Fannie and Freddie securitize mortgages was one of his key goals. Now it appears that the FHFA may be one step closer to accomplishing that goal.
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