Julián Castro sworn in, spends first day as HUD Secretary

Julián Castro sworn in, spends first day as HUD Secretary

Former San Antonio mayor takes over for Shaun Donovan

Blackstone adviser: Investors worried about ‘serious correction’

Byron Wien still holds his line

It’s official: Zillow will own Trulia

"Better agents make for better advertisers"

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Blackstone adviser: Investors worried about ‘serious correction’

Byron Wien still holds his line
July 28, 2014
“But there are enough other positive signs that I am not altering my favorable forecast. If housing continues to be weak, I will probably have to change my view.”
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Key business feature boosts Blackstone's earnings 89%

After several years, company crosses financial threshold
July 17, 2014
"Blackstone’s second quarter results marked one of our best ever in terms of both economic net income and distributable earnings. As more of our assets under management have seasoned, we’ve been increasingly active in harvesting the value we’ve created over several years,” Stephen Schwarzman, chairman and CEO, said.
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Blackstone bet big on Majority Leader Cantor and lost

Cantor goes down despite help from nation’s landlord
June 11, 2014
Majority Leader Eric Cantor was handed a shocking upset defeat Tuesday night, but he didn’t go down alone – Blackstone Group bet big on the moderate establishment Republican and now that investment is down the tubes as Cantor is on a path to private citizenship.
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American Residential taps Deutsche Bank for REO-to-rental securitization

Will be German bank’s second REO-to-rental marketing deal
March 13, 2014
American Residential Properties Inc. has tapped Deutsche Bank AG to arrange a $300 million bond sale backed by house rental payments, the second such sale for the German banking giant.
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Moody's: First rental securitization doing pretty good

3 notable developments since issuance
March 12, 2014
Moody's Investors Service, which awarded a sterling Triple-A to Invitation Homes' inaugural REO-to-rental is reporting that the performance is within expectations, with 3 notable developments.
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Blackstone shows REO-to-rental can be billion-dollar business (nearly)

Invitation Homes assets for 2013 worth $912 million
January 30, 2014
Much of the profit is due to its investments in hotel IPOs, but its activity in REO-to-rental is also particularly notable.
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Second REO-to-rental deal to raise millions, and questions

Lots and lots of questions
January 29, 2014
Journalists count by saying one, two, trend, but there really is a trend happening in REO-to-rental as an asset class.
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The secret to making REO-to-rental viable

As an investment class it needs work but analysts say go for it
January 27, 2014
There are a large number of abandoned homes and a large class of renters, but even when the housing market settles out and people’s credit is repaired over time, REO to rental is a growth area and potentially a permanent asset class, investors think.
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Wanted: High-quality renters only, please

New-wave rental securitization will tighen application guidelines
December 11, 2013
Applications filed by renters will face increased scrutiny as rental securitizations take off. The creation of a single form to have renters fill out and then verify would likely standardize this process to a degree more acceptable to a credit ratings agency such as Morningstar.
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Blackstone fills need in buy-to-rent market

November 15, 2013
Filling a gap in the market, Blackstone established B2R Finance to provide residential buy-to-rent mortgages for property investors. The platform focuses exclusively on the financing needs of single-family home investors.
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