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Capital Economics: Will President Trump's regulation changes boost housing starts?

3 possible outcomes
Given the recent drought in housing inventory across the nation, the industry welcomed the recent news that homebuilder confidence surged in March due to President Donald Trump’s actions on regulatory reform. The news, while positive, isn’t guaranteed to turn into increased housing starts though. Instead, here are three likely outcomes.
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Housing starts increase driven by single family residential

All signs point to more residential construction in 2017
Housing starts increased in January, lead by a gain in the single-family market. Even building permits, which decreased, were offset by an increase in permits in the single-family housing sector. Experts say all signs point toward a continued increase throughout 2017.
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Housing starts begin year slightly lower

News comes after record 2016
While last year posted the best year for housing starts since 2007, this year didn't quite keep up the trend. Looking at the latest release from the U.S. Census Bureau and the Department of Housing and Urban Development, housing starts began the year off slightly down.
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Housing starts hit best year since 2007

December makes up grounds lost in previous month
December made up for some of its lost ground in November with an increase in housing starts. In fact, 2016 finished off the year as the best year for housing starts since 2007. However, the market remains in desperate need of new housing stock.
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Capital Economics: Trump’s wall will constrain housing starts

Constrain, but not derail
President-elect Donald Trump’s plan to build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico could create more competition in an already tight labor force. The construction labor market could see even more tightening, and constrain housing starts over the next couple years if Congress approves funding for the wall.
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Housing starts drop nearly 20% in November

Come down off October’s 10-year high
Housing starts came down off of October’s 10-year high by dropping nearly 20%. Experts disagree on what this drop will mean for the economy overall. While some point to signs that show housing construction could pick up, others say economic growth will be much slower than previously thought.
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Housing starts see greatest leap in nearly a decade

Thank you, Millennials
Housing starts increased significantly in October, reversing a downward trend and holding the strongest pace since 2007. Interestingly enough, Millennials played a major role in this increase due to their increasing market share. There is still room for growth, however, and one expert explains what housing needs to see from the next administration.
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