[Chart] FHA mortgage insurance boom in the works?

[Chart] FHA mortgage insurance boom in the works?

MBA notes impact of cutting MIPs

loanDepot officially files for IPO

Number of shares, price range to be determined

Did Sen. Corker violate SEC rules, Senate ethics by telling investors to short GSEs?

Made questionable remarks on CNBC regarding stocks

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More ZIRP from the Federal Reserve surprises exactly no one

Economy sits on precipice
The Fed made its decision to not raise interest rates because it boxed itself in with this failed program of artificially propping up Wall Street. It knows full well that with the stagnating world economic picture and the volatility in our stock market, raising interest rates is not worth the risk… yet.
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It's official: Fed punts on interest rate hike

What’s next and what it means for housing and mortgage finance
The Federal Reserve said today it is not raising the federal funds interest rate. This means the next chance the Fed will have to raise rates will be in late October. Here's what this, and what a future hike, means for housing and mortgage finance.
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Freddie Mac: Mortgage rates will weather any Fed interest rate hike

Rates unchanged ahead of FOMC announcement
Although mortgages rates once again barely wavered, it’s the industry news surrounding it that is noteworthy. Rates are clam ahead of the Federal Reserve’s announcement on Thursday, and according to Freddie’s chief economist, regardless of the decision the Fed makes, housing will be okay.
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To hike or not to hike? Fed debates interest rates

Some analysts expect a hawkish hold from Fed
The potential fate of the housing market might be determined in the next 24 hours or so, and the industry is sitting on the edge of its seat to find out. What’s going on behind the curtains at the Central Bank and what does it mean for housing? While a lot of analysts are expecting that tomorrow the Federal Reserve will announce the first real rate hike in seven years, the industry comments that HousingWire pulled shows it's not unanimous.
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HousingWire readers predict when interest rates will rise

The results of the reader survey are in!
The industry anxiously awaits an announcement from the Federal Reserve for news that can change the way our entire world operates. And while most economist opinions are already known, what do HousingWire readers think? And even further, could they be right?
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Vote now: When do you think the Fed will raise interest rates?

Take your pick, it's anyone's guess at this point
Before Black Monday, a decent pool of people in the industry thought that the Federal Reserve would raise interest rates in September. Now it's fair game for when the Fed will raise rates because as the consensus goes, there isn't one. Take the pool now since the results go live tomorrow.
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