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Capital Economics: Economy nears full employment

Brexit to provide little economic impact
The recent low jobs report and Brexit decision could cause economic uncertainty. However, a recent report from Capital Economics shows there is nothing to fear. In fact, the economy is nearing full employment and GDP continues to increase.
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Job growth craters in March, down to just 126K

Severe slowdown in employment makes rate hike questionable
Employers stomped on the brakes in March, adding a mere 126,000 jobs and dragging the monthly average for the first quarter down to less than 200,000 per month. Think the Fed will hike rates if the downtrend continues?
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Risky housing policies and the slowly inflating bubble

Under-employed and shrinking work force big factors
One media report quoted DeMarco as saying that in the past year we have seen a renewed policy focus on questions regarding access to credit, which, in his view can risk repeating the approach that contributed to the financial crisis. There are many other warning signs, as well.
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