CFPB secures $27.7 million judgment against foreclosure relief scammers

The next president needs to speak up about housing right now

Want my vote? Here's how to get it

CFPB, DOJ take action against Provident Funding for discriminatory lending

Could pay $9 million in damages

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MBA: Institutional ownership of single-family rentals isn’t a thing

Institutional owners own less than 1% of all stock
Trey Garrison
The Mortgage Bankers Association has a round-up of the top single-family rental and apartment owners, and who makes the cut might surprise you.
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Cash buyer share falls to 4-year low despite recent surge

Institutional investors bought up 500K homes since 2010
Trey Garrison
The share of home sales to institutional investors and all-cash buyers dropped to four-year lows in 2014 despite a quarterly increase in the fourth quarter. Here’s what’s happening and a look at whether the pattern will hold.
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RealtyTrac: Cash purchases disappearing from home sales

Institutional investors keep cooling down
Ben Lane
“The flurry of purchases by institutional investors and other cash buyers that kicked off two years ago when U.S. home prices hit bottom is finally showing signs of subsiding,” said Daren Blomquist, RealtyTrac vice president, noting that the U.S. median home prices bottomed out in March 2012.
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Zillow: Bulk home sales will boost housing

Economists predict smoother market conditions ahead
Jacob Gaffney
Good news to the mom-and-pop shops looking to get back into single-family rentals. More importantly, it may create better conditions for first-time homebuyers.
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JPMorgan reaches $4.5B settlement over mortgage-bond claims

Deal resolves repurchase and servicing issues
Christina Mlynski
The settlement represents another critical step in the bank’s efforts to resolve mortgage-related legacy matters.
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Private real estate market continues to feed investor appetite

New entities fuel recovery, may create housing obstacles
Christina Mlynski
Over the past six months, private real estate funds looking to acquire assets, raised up to $39 billion, an increase of 56% from $25 billion in the same six-month period last year, according to analysis from Preqin.
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Investors focus on ramping up occupancy rates

Analysts note slower pace of purchases on new properties
Megan Hopkins
Institutional investors notably slowed their pace of purchases in an attempt to focus on ramping up occupancy rates on rental units. Because of this, many are left wondering about the potential impact of a rise in rates and a moderation in investor demand.
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Large institutional investors bank on emerging asset classes

REO-to-rental securitization offers profitability
Christina Mlynski
Historically, smaller institutional investors have funded the single-family rental market, but that's about to change. Large investors are increasingly eying the nation's foreclosure inventory, coupled with a secular shift toward renting, which has created the possibility of larger-scale investments in the market, analysts with Keefe, Bruyette & Woods said in a new report.
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Real estate debt satisfies institutional investor appetite

Fundraising expands rapidly in the space
Christina Mlynski
With fund managers stepping in to fill the void left by traditional lenders, a surge in private real estate debt investment has surfaced in recent years.
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Florida frenzy

Investor appetite fuels Florida housing recovery

Will the rally lead to a healthy transition?
Christina Mlynski
Roughly 50% of single-family unit transactions are cash in Florida, evidence that there’s a significant role for investors in the recovery, specifically hedge funds and private equity firms. But how do you transition to a normalized market once the investors suck housing dry?
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