White House absolutely wrong to threaten veto of TRID bill

White House absolutely wrong to threaten veto of TRID bill

A weakened administration looks to flex itself for no good reason

White House threatens to veto TRID grace period bill

Calls hold harmless period ‘unnecessary delay’

Mortgage applications skyrocket more than 25%

Big pre-TRID rush boosted final week of September

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Goldman Sachs targets Millennial recruits through Snapchat

Will this fix the aging mortgage industry?
Goldman Sachs launched a new ad strategy through Snapchat to broaden its allure among Millennials, becoming the first major Wall Street bank to use the app for potential hires. Could Snapchat be one effective way to fix this the aging mortgage industry?
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Goldman Sachs to pay $272 million in toxic mortgage lawsuit

Settles with Illinois electrical workers’ pension fund over crisis-era mortgage bonds
Goldman Sachs will pay $272 million to settle a lawsuit over losses suffered due to alleged misrepresentations of the quality of mortgage loans that backed crisis-era mortgage-backed securities. The lawsuit stretches back to 2008, when an Illinois electrical workers' pension fund sued arguing that Goldman made false statements regarding the nature of mortgages it sold into trusts.
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Guess how many bank CEOs made Glassdoor’s list of the highest rated CEOs?

Here's a hint…not many
For those who don’t know, Glassdoor is a website where a company’s employees (and former employees) can leave anonymous reviews of the company and tell other employees (or prospective employees) what it’s really like to work there. So how many bank CEOs made the top 50 in Glassdoor’s 2015 list of the highest rated CEOs? Not very many as it turns out.
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Low-hanging fruit

Small doc management companies make tempting M&A targets
Every day, a new crop of technology companies works to develop solutions to solve something inefficient in the housing industry. And every day, they have to look over their shoulders.
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Goldman Sachs faces $120M mortgage securities lawsuit

New York Court of Appeals revives suit
The New York Court of Appeals revived a bond insurer’s $120 million lawsuit claiming Goldman Sachs Group lied about a pool of securities backed by subprime mortgages during the period leading up to the financial crisis.
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