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SEC fines, bans former Goldman Sachs head RMBS trader for fraud

Edwin Chin ordered to pay $400,000 for overcharging mortgage bond buyers
Edwin Chin, who served as Goldman Sachs' head RMBS trader from 2010 through 2012, agreed to settle charges brought by the SEC that he lied to clients about the prices of RMBS deals, frequently misrepresenting not only the prices that Goldman Sachs paid for the mortgage bonds, but whether the bonds were sold out of Goldman Sachs' inventory or not. This alleged misconduct generated millions of dollars of extra revenue for Goldman Sachs.
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Experts revise GDP rates, in different directions

But they agree on one thing: The Fed will raise rates this year
Experts disagree on the impact that the Brexit will have on U.S. GDP growth, with Capital Economics predicting a rebound in growth while Goldman Sachs revised their prediction down slightly. The one thing they can agree on? The Fed will still raise rates this year.
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Commercial real estate prices hit historical peak

Regulators concerned about imbalances
Rapidly rising prices in the commercial real estate market concerns some regulators, bringing some to claim the low interest rates could lead to unsustainable gains. Goldman Sachs breaks down the CRE market and compares it to residential.
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Goldman Sachs: Jobs number is an outlier

Stop panicking
Whereas the jobs report was incredibly lower than anyone expected, Goldman Sachs pointed out that this month could be an outlier since it does not follow the trend of the past several months. Stifel Economics agreed, stating, “One data point does not make a trend.”
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Goldman Sachs subsidiary continues snapping up non-performing loans from GSEs

MTGLQ Investors buys fourth pool of NPLs in 2016
For the fourth time in 2016, and the second time in a week, MTGLQ Investors, L.P., a "significant subsidiary" of Goldman Sachs, is the winning bidder for a pool of non-performing loans from one of the government-sponsored enterprises, increasing its total amount of loans bought from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac beyond $2 billion.
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