Looking back, the housing industry is totally Scrooged

Looking back, the housing industry is totally Scrooged

Here's the HousingWire/Star Wars Christmas 2014 special

FHA loans could face "tidal wave of defaults"

All indices hit series high

Another mortgage lender launches 3% down loan

Falls in line with FHFA

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This is why California is in the middle of another housing crisis

Affordability and mortgage lending issues abound
Joel Singer
It’s ironic that when the first Millennials were born, their Baby Boomer parents couldn’t afford a home either. Looking back to October 1981, interest rates on a 30-year, fixed-rate mortgage exceeded 18%. It wasn’t until rates fell below 10% in 1986, and to the 7% range in the early 2000s, that affordability ceased to be a major impediment to homeownership. Today, California’s housing affordability problem is back and here's why.
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San Francisco earthquake rattles jumbo mortgage-bond collateral

Magnitude 6.0 earthquake should serve as risk reminder
Ben Lane
Sunday’s magnitude-6.0 earthquake should serve as a reminder that bond investors need to weigh the inherent risks that come with investing in the San Francisco market. The foundation of those investments is literally built on shaky ground.
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California changes loan originator education requirements

Applicants must complete additional education on state’s laws
Ben Lane
The new law requires that an applicant seeking a mortgage loan originator license in California must complete two hours of approved education related to relevant California law and regulation.
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HUD to auction off San Bernardino’s severely delinquent mortgages

County once considered eminent domain in previous plan to aid borrowers
Ben Lane
Later this month, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development will auction off a special pool of the San Bernardino County’s severely delinquent mortgage loans though its Distressed Asset Stabilization Program, aiming to provide relief to borrowers.
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California dreaming? Be prepared to pay up

State is home to the 8 most expensive cities to buy a home
Ben Lane
It basically takes gold to live in the Golden State.
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Top 9 cities for flipping houses

Profits are soaring in these markets
Trey Garrison
Flipping profits are way up. Where are the best markets to make a fast buck? You'll be surprised.
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