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This little-known rule could mean higher mortgage costs

Bond investors coordinate opposition
April 2, 2014
It may not be the biggest threat to the mortgage industry, but bond investors say it could impact the American homebuyer bottom line.
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Breaking down the three GSE reform measures

SFIG compares Johnson-Crapo, Corker-Warner and PATH
March 27, 2014
The Structured Finance Industry Group has put together a side-by-side comparison of three major GSE reform packages currently floating around Capitol Hill.
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You won't believe what Financial Times says about the ASF's convention

Days after the successful SFIG convention, ASF's finds few attendees
January 31, 2014
The Financial Times' intrepid U.S. correspondent, Tracy Alloway, stopped by the ASF registration on Sunday and it looks grim.
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Did SFIG deliver the knock-down blow in Vegas showdown?

ASF conference is 'off to a great start'
January 27, 2014
The line from ASF is there's space enough for more than one advocacy group for investors, but the fact is from early reports, that there's not room enough for two conventions. SFIG says no. The ASF says yes. Could the truth be in between?
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Is the SFIG conference officially the industry's largest?

ABAlert jumps on the bandwagon, declares ABS Vegas the headliner
January 22, 2014
SFIG really wants to be the largest conference out there for investors. After just a few days, it seems the event did manage to capture the attention of many investors. In fact, it's been eerily slow for the past two days with trades in the private bond market appearing rather anemic.
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6 must-dos at ABS Vegas for SFIG to earn respect

All eyes on inaugural conference
January 20, 2014
SFIG's ABS Vegas is Jan. 21 through Jan. 24. HousingWire will be there but in case you can't, follow us to get the inside scoop.
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ASF denies rumor rival Las Vegas event crushing their own

January 15, 2014
The American Securitization Forum's Las Vegas event the last week of January is proceeding apace, despite the admitted culling of attendance by rival SFIG's Las Vegas event one week prior.
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