White House threatens to veto TRID grace period bill

White House threatens to veto TRID grace period bill

Calls hold harmless period ‘unnecessary delay’

Mortgage applications skyrocket more than 25%

Big pre-TRID rush boosted final week of September

Is it OK to gatecrash a Realtor’s open house?

Yes, but only if you follow this Reddiquette

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Black Knight: Cash-out refis up 68% since 2Q 2014

Volume still 80% below 2005 levels
Cash-out refinances jumped 68% year-over-year from the second quarter of 2014 to the second quarter of 2015, as borrowers take advantage of still-low rates and newfound equity in their homes. Does that mean we're in pre-bubble territory?
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Black Knight: July housing prices rose 0.4%

Prices nearing June 2006 peak
Black Knight Financial Services’ home price index report for July 2015 shows that home prices jumped 5.3% on a year-over-year basis. This puts national home prices up nearly 27% since the bottom of the market at the start of 2012.
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Black Knight launches HOA super lien identification program

New solution identifies HOAs, detects liens and helps cure delinquencies
A new offering from Black Knight Financial Services helps protect mortgage servicers and investors from potential losses due to homeowners’ association super liens. Users can now identify properties subject to HOAs nationwide, detect liens on those properties and help cure delinquencies.
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Mortgage technology product showcase: ClosingStream

ServiceLink delivers a seamless closing experience
The ClosingStream solution not only gives consumers the mortgage borrowing experience they want, but it creates efficiencies for the lender. By following ClosingStream’s online delivery and acknowledgement solution, lenders can save up to four days over mail-away disclosure processes.
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Mortgage technology product showcase: Closing Insight

RealEC Technologies solution meets CFPB collaboration requirements
Closing Insight allows both lenders and settlement agents to efficiently collaborate on documents and fees to meet the new timeline requirements and enable an automated collaborative disclosure workflow between lenders and agents.
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Mortgage technology product showcase: Active Insight

Black Knight's hosted data integration platform generates innovative views
Active Insight is powered by the Black Knight Data Hub, which enables clients to access all of their loan data on Black Knight systems, such as Black Knight MSP, Empower, and LoanSphere applications, from a central repository.
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Maximizing the TRID deadline extension

Take advantage of the extra time to shore up safety nets
As the industry counts down the final weeks and days until TRID goes into effect, any loose ends should be wrapped up, uncertainties resolved and contingency plans finalized and approved. With a solid infrastructure and strong partnerships in place, institutions at every level can perform well within the constructs of the new TRID requirements.
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Black Knight: Home prices approach pre-crisis peak

Latest home price index shows shrinking gap between 2006 and 2015
Black Knight’s latest Home Price Index report, based on May 2015 residential real estate transactions, showed that the U.S. HPI is now just 6.5% off the June 2006 peak of $268,000, and up over 25% from the market’s bottom.
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Black Knight updates LOS for TRID

Mortgage industry gets a little extra time
TRID is coming, and as a result, Black Knight Financial Services released the latest version of Empower, its loan origination system for retail and wholesale lending to be ready for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s upcoming implementation date.
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Black Knight: Home prices rise 1% in April from March

Home prices gain almost 5% from April 2014
U.S. home prices were up 1% for the month, rising 4.9% on a year-over- year basis, according to Black Knight's latest Home Price Index report, based on April 2015 residential real estate transactions. Want to know more?
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