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Observations from ABS Vegas: The long-anticipated deal agent is nearly here...

But now where are all the deals?
The main reason why we’re not seeing new private-label mortgage deals, at the moment, is that the economics of private-label securitization simply don’t work in the current low-rate environment. Prime jumbo securitizations have slowed significantly. In 2015, for example, Kroll said 38 prime jumbo deals came to market, but in 2016, year to date, that number (by my count) is two.
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How investors get access to housing credit

A growing demand for housing collateral fuels rated distressed capital
For risk-averse investors, the improvement in housing hasn’t assuaged the looming legacy issues. But a second group of investors believes that housing is in a favorable position in the distressed cycle, where leverage is lower than before and is just starting to increase. These opportunistic credit investors see housing-related exposure — in other words, residential credit — as a particularly attractive part of the market.
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