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FHFA considering plan to offer single Fannie, Freddie bonds

Report on Common Securitization Platform may be coming soon
July 28, 2014
During his May speech at the Brookings Institute, FHFA Director Mel Watt said that adjusting the way Fannie and Freddie securitize mortgages was one of his key goals. Now it appears that the FHFA may be one step closer to accomplishing that goal.
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Redwood Trust brings second jumbo RMBS to market

Are the floodgates about to open?
July 7, 2014
Kroll Bond Ratings Agency has issued its presale ratings for SEMT 2014-2 and has awarded AAA ratings to the vast majority of the $306 million deal.
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Is it cheaper to rent a securitized apartment?

For Invitation Homes, the answer is yes
May 30, 2014
The use of securitization as a funding vehicle for any asset class is attractive as both a risk-mitigation tool and liquidity measure. However, there may be another uptick not initially measured, according to Kroll Bond Ratings inaugural issue measuring the Invitation Homes rental securitization deal.
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$1B rental securitization earns AAA rating from Morningstar

Offering is only fourth of its kind
May 16, 2014
IH 2014-SFR1 will be collateralized by a $1 billion loan secured by mortgages on 6,537 income-producing single-family homes.
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American Homes 4 Rent plans single-family securitization

May 6, 2014
An affiliate of American Homes 4 Rent announced plans to launch the offering of a securitization transaction in hopes of reducing the company’s cost of capital over the long term.
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FHFA inks $110 million settlement with First Horizon

The smallest settlement so far
April 29, 2014
This is the 14th settlement related to the 18 private-label securitization lawsuits FHFA filed in 2011. FHFA said it remains committed to satisfactory resolution of the remaining actions.
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Whalen: Nonbanks are taking over mortgage originations

Regulators "get in the way"
April 24, 2014
New regulations promulgated by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau discourage lending by banks and nonbanks alike and are causing loan portfolios and loan securitization volumes to fall steadily, he added.
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Could new securitizations lead to identity theft?

That's the slippery slope of new regulation
April 10, 2014
Securitization is already believed by many to be the big, bad tool Wall Street used to derail the global economy, seemingly and inexplicably on purpose. So this blog probably isn't going to help assuage the rage in those believers.
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From HW Magazine

"Let's rent."

The future of single-family rental securitizations is now here
March 31, 2014
More and more Americans are choosing to rent instead of buy. With two single-family rental securitizations on the market at press time and more likely in the works, this new asset class has the financial market energized.
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Non-qualified mortgage bond ratings getting closer

Investors increasingly interested in the asset class
March 25, 2014
Investors are increasingly interested in non-QM loans, and Moody’s Investors Service is now also seeking commentary on its proposed approach to evaluating and rating QM and non-QM loans for securization as residential mortgage-backed securities.
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