Monday Morning Cup of Coffee: Ocwen settles "frustrating skirmish" with California

Zillow plans event to “hack” housing

Offers $10,000 prize for creative solutions to jumpstart market

CFPB goes after Wells Fargo, JPMorgan for mortgage kickback scheme

Mega banks will pay $35.7 million total

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Elizabeth Warren chosen for Senate Democratic leadership

Will serve as adviser to Democratic Policy and Communications Committee
Ben Lane
Senator Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., who has long been at the forefront of Washington’s fight for financial reform, will now serve in an even more prominent position in the Senate.
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Nonbanks pounce on mortgage market

Big banks pull back
Brena Swanson
Nonbanks are swooping in on the extra market share that megabanks are losing ground on. At the same time, the nation’s two largest originators only made 21% of the home loans in the second quarter.
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Did the foreclosure rate really get cut in half?

Yes, according to OCC data
Jacob Gaffney
The percentage of early stage delinquencies, 30 days+ overdue, is 2.6%, down 8.7% from a year ago and the lowest level at year-end since reporting began in January 2008. But the really big changes concern foreclosures.
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Federal Reserve: Big banks have one, key advantage over others

Perceived lack of risk sure saves big bucks
Jacob Gaffney
And doing business as a too-big-to-fail bank means more money transactions by volume, compared to smaller banks. Mix that with a perception that the big bank is too-big-to-fail and investors show favoritism.
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Too big to fails not interested in mortgages

Big banks shun home loans
Jacob Gaffney
Origination volumes are currently at $305 billion in the fourth quarter, down from $460 billion in the quarter preceding. FBR still projects an estimated $1.3 trillion in overall originations for 2014 is achievable.
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4 truths big banks wish they could avoid in 2014

There is no escaping the truth, one expert says
Jacob Gaffney
So far every earnings report includes more provisions of capital to cover bad investments made years ago, or even sooner, to cover legal costs and settlements. Is the going only getting tougher?
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Regulators probe post-crisis RMBS pricing

Discover potential issues from 2009-2011 time frame
When it comes to residential mortgage-backed securities litigation, much of it relates to plaintiffs who experienced losses on mortgages sold off before the financial meltdown. But regulators may be looking into a new, less covered leg of the crisis.
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Big banks debate blocking traders from chat rooms

HousingWire Staff
Amid regulatory scrutiny, top banks are debating a plan that would block traders from computer chat rooms to ward off controversy in the wake of interest-rate rigging and trading scandals.
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Big banks pullback on lending, leaving room for smaller firms

HousingWire Staff
While it is no surprise the mortgage refinance boom is coming to a close, one analyst believes there's still room for mortgage companies to grow — especially smaller players.
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