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Quicken Loans sues DOJ, HUD for “shake down”

Says agencies demanding unwarranted penalties, false public admissions
Quicken Loans says it has had all it can stand, and it can’t stand anymore. So it's taking the government to court over what it says is a blatantly unfair federal investigation and threats of a lawsuit. Do they have a chance?
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Ninth Circuit Appellate Court upholds MERS ruling

MERS didn’t lose status as agent of promissory note holder
The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed the district court’s judgment dismissing the borrower’s wrongful foreclosure claim against MERSCORP Holdings, the latest in an ongoing string of victories for the company. Here’s what happened.
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Short-sale fraud scheme nets indictments in CO

A group of nine individuals were indicted yesterday by the Colorado Attorney General for allegedly targeting distressed homeowners as part of a fraudulent short-sale scheme that allowed the defendants to ultimately defraud the banks and lenders who held the mortgages for the distressed homeowners, the state AG's office said in a statement.
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From HW Magazine

Psychological warfare

The homeowner bill of rights movement and the willingness to pay
Lending, you could say, is the spark plug inside the U.S. economic engine. When in good working order, fed just at the right time and with the optimum mixture of regulation and skin-in-the-game, so to speak, combustion occurs. The economy prospers.
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