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  • Trump budget surprise: Gutting the CFPB

    The impact of President Donald Trump’s 2018 federal budget proposal would certainly be felt in the housing industry via the 13% cut to HUD's budget, but that’s hardly the only impactful move that the budget proposal holds. Buried on the second-to-last page of Trump’s budget is a move that is sure to please Trump’s fellow Republicans and many in the housing industry as well – gutting the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

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Mortgage experts agree: There is no housing bubble

Slow and steady wins the race
With or without President Donald Trump, the housing market must go on. So as the world continues to tune in to Trump, HousingWire took a break to zero in on what we know best: housing. Three experts joined HousingWire on a webinar on Wednesday to discuss what’s next for housing and the mortgage nation.
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Here's what will happen in housing and mortgages regardless of what Trump does next

This HousingWire webinar will give us a reality check
Trump news is everywhere. Most of it is speculation as to what he will do next, and what it will mean for the mortgage and housing markets. But, here's how to find out what will happen in the housing and mortgage markets regardless of what Trump does. Hurry, sign up now! Today's the day for this FREE webinar!
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AVMs make a comeback

Lenders and investors embrace automated valuation models for accuracy and speed
Today, AVM innovation has coalesced into a valuation product category with impressive and measurable accuracy rates. The accuracy of AVMs has now been tested and sustained over multiple years and diverse geography and property conditions. In addition, AVM methodology is more transparent than ever, with well-documented due diligence literature available on data sources, modeling techniques, testing procedures and safety measures.
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From HW Magazine

2017 HW Tech100 Winner: Veros

UCDP and EAD Error Preview tool automates QC checks
Error Preview Tool automates appraisal quality control checks to help mortgage professionals identify and resolve appraisal errors prior to submitting to the secondary market.
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Automated valuation models provide an answer to appraiser shortage

The critical role of data in determining true value
Collateral valuations are a critical part of any loan, so the shortage of qualified appraisers puts up a serious roadblock in the mortgage process, especially for lenders who rely fully on appraisals for all transactions. With no end in sight to this shortage, when is it time to bring appraisal alternatives to the forefront?
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Veros offering 'advanced quality control check' for FHA appraisals

Will check electronic portal submissions for issues
Veros Real Estate Solutions, which already serves as the vendor for the Federal Housing Administration’s electronic portal for appraisal reports and data submissions, announced this week that it is now offering an “advanced quality control check” for FHA loan appraisals.
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Mortgage technology product showcase: Sapphire and Pathway

Veros enables easy appraisal submission to the secondary market
Additionally, customers utilizing Sapphire or Pathway solutions — before delivering to these portals — have the ability to utilize a number of automated quality control tools including automated QC order and review rules and upfront appraisal scoring by VeroSCORE to provide a determination of appraisal risk.
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