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Foreclosures now lowest since housing crisis

Interactive map shows Q1 activity
Although March may have seen an increase in foreclosure activity, for the quarter the numbers were still down. In fact, quarterly foreclosure activity is now at its lowest level since 2006, but still 25% higher than pre-crisis numbers.
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Milwaukee Senate to look at bill on zombie homes

Milwaukee mayor: 'Would worsen the zombie property problem'
Despite a clear divide in support, the Milwaukee Senate will soon look at a bill that outlaws the city's right to force financial institutions to quickly sell abandoned and foreclosed homes. But is this the right solution?
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A tale of forclosure in two cities

Pro Teck: Why some areas are recovering quicker than others
Pro Teck compares Cleveland, which uses judicial foreclosures, to Phoenix, which does not, to see how each market has recovered. A serious lag in recovery can still be seen in states with judicial foreclosure laws.
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CoreLogic: Foreclosures fall to lowest level since 2006

Recovery from housing crisis continues
In another sign that the recovery from the housing crisis is ongoing rather than stalled out, the total number of completed foreclosures in 2015 was the lowest number of completed foreclosures in any year since 2006, a new report from CoreLogic shows.
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Is Nevada’s HOA solution just another problem for mortgage servicers?

Exercising the new right of redemption on HOA sales
Redemption requires timely and reasonable cooperation by the purchasers, the same purchasers that the servicers have been litigating with for the last several years. As a result, exercising the right of redemption could very well lead the servicer into quiet title litigation, again. Here's what you need to do.
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