Monday Morning Cup of Coffee: Time to cut the MLS cord?

Monday Morning Cup of Coffee: Time to cut the MLS cord?

Plus housing metrics, the incredible shrinking GDP, and kicks are for TRIDs

Jeb Bush: Current housing and debt situation unsustainable

Is the clock ticking on the 30-year mortgage?

Senate banking committee passes massive regulatory relief bill

Big implications in legislation for housing and mortgage finance

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Should mortgage technology and data be universally shared?

Yes, and no
Jacob Gaffney
The sharing of what works seems to be an agreed-upon process. But when it comes to mortgage technology and/or data, there is no clear consensus that advances should be universally shared.
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The devil is in the mortgage finance reform details

On the bumpy road to a common securitization platform
Barry Zigas
It now seems all but certain that 2014 will end without any further progress on comprehensive mortgage finance legislation. But the coming months will offer little comfort for those who rooted for such a stalemate in hope of avoiding hard decisions about fundamental parts of the current system.
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Fed reform legislation increases oversight

"Lifts this veil of secrecy"
Brena Swanson
Two congressmen introduced the Federal Reserve Accountability and Transparency Act in order to increase oversight of the Federal Reserve.
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House passes CFPB reform bill

Dramatic bureau overhaul goes to Senate
Trey Garrison
The Consumer Financial Freedom and Washington Accountability Act, sponsored by House Financial Services Committee member Rep. Sean Duffy, R-Wisc., passed on a largely party line vote Thursday evening.
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Congratulations, Mr. Watt — now lower the rent

Federal regulators urge funding for National Housing Trust Fund
Brena Swanson
Before Mel Watt could even get his name plate on the door as head of the Federal Housing Finance Agency, top federal regulators are already urging him to end contributions to the National Housing Trust Fund and the Capital Magnet Fund.
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Latest Fannie Mae payment to Treasury nearly evens out

CEO: Guarantee fee rise to continue
Brena Swanson
Fannie Mae’s third-quarter net income continued to lift higher and hit $8.7 billion. However, the underlying question of a possible government reforms helped to increase guarantee fees.
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Experts pull back reins on FHA bailout rumors

Will FHA reform immediately follow the shortfall? Doubtful.
Christina Mlynski
While rumor has it the FHA will require a first-time Treasury draw this year, industry analysts are cautioning the industry not to buy into those reports just yet.
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