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Investors eye non-performing loan securitizations

Interest in delinquent loans is increasing
Brena Swanson
With the housing recovery in full swing, it is now fueling a niche market for newly minted bonds that are backed by the most troubled mortgages of them all: those on homes on the verge of foreclosure.
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Starwood Waypoint purchases $219 million in non-performing loans

REIT increases delinquent loan holdings
Ben Lane
“NPL purchases continue to be a great channel for acquiring single-family homes in our target markets at attractive discounts while enhancing equity returns through alternative resolutions,” Gary Beasley, co-CEO of Starwood Waypoint, said.
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Default mortgage demand heats up

Hedge funds surge as delinquent loan sales rise
Brena Swanson
Sales of delinquent mortgages are increasing as lenders are rushing to meet demand from hedge funds and private-equity firms, causing prices to surge.
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We couldn't believe which states have the most late mortgages

Black Knight Financial's listing shows all
Trey Garrison
Overall delinquencies are declining across the U.S., but some states are leading the way in not paying their notes, while others have surprising amounts of fiscal discipline. Here's the list of winners and losers.
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CoreLogic data: Housing recovery is undeniable

The only question is will it last?
Brena Swanson
The housing recovery is undeniable even if some analysts believe it's built on artificial lifts or unlikely to last long-term.
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