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Want Zillow to pay your mortgage for a year?

This $25,000 could be yours
Zillow is giving away $25,000 to pay one lucky person’s mortgage for an entire year. Hurry up though, the “Pay My Mortgage, Please” sweepstake ends Monday morning. Bonus: Details show how to get entered 10 times.
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Seattle’s ‘Up’ house is getting its own movie

Edith Macefield fought encroaching development, story now Hollywood-bound
The tale of the small Seattle-area home that rose to fame after the owner famously turned down $1 million for her home even as a shopping mall was being built around her and was once used to promote the Disney film “Up,” because of its similarities to the movie, is now headed to Hollywood itself.
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Here are the top cities my adventurous soul would love to live in

Outdoor Magazine: 16 best places to live in America
Unlike some other lists on the hottest housing markets, I would venture to say this one is my favorite since its suits me best. There is an immense feeling of excitement in finding the uncharted pockets of the earth that are more beautiful than anything man could create. So why not live close to those places?
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Placester announces partnership with Keller Williams

Deal provides websites to associates
Placester announced a partnership with Keller Williams to provide websites and marketing tools to the brand’s 123,000 real estate associates. Associates and local offices will now have access to Placester websites that include direct integration with eEdge.
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Cristiano Ronaldo pays big for loft in Trump Tower

Is the Real Madrid star coming to America!?!?!?
One of world soccer’s most famous stars is coming to America – for at least some of the time anyway. Portugal’s Cristiana Ronaldo, who plays professionally at Real Madrid and is widely regarded as one of the top five soccer players in the world, reportedly purchased a pricey loft in New York City at the Trump Tower.
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