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This is how HousingWire will celebrate the housing industry's Insiders

New award program recognizes your company's best-kept secret
We love executives, but we want to champion the people who are invaluable to companies in a hundred other ways as well. The HW Insiders will recognize the professionals that are central to a company's success — the people everyone knows internally as a critical resource, but who aren't as visible to the industry at large.
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2 keys to uncovering more home equity business

How to effectively target prospective borrowers
This spring-buying season many lenders will be left either trying to entice Millennials into the first-time homebuyer market or chasing home equity loans. Both paths come with challenges, but the latter will be significantly easier with the right information. There are really two key pieces of information that a lender must have to effectively target potential borrowers.
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Should you rent or buy a home? 6 questions Millennials need to ask themselves

In honor of American Housing Month
Realizing or deciding it's time to move to a new home is the easy part. From there, comes the choice to buy a home or to rent. This is where it gets difficult. As you hash out this decision, the American Bankers Association Foundation, in recognition of American Housing Month, suggested the following six questions to help when deciding whether to rent or buy.
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Here are the 10 hottest housing markets for Millennials looking to buy

A smoother path to homeownership
With a solid job under your belt and a hopefully growing savings account, you’re ready to dabble in the world of real estate. The only problem is that locking in a home you want for the price you want isn’t that easy. But you’re not completely out of luck. The National Association of Realtors compiled a list of the top 10 metro areas for young homeowners, including cities that should be in your price range.
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From HW Magazine

2016 Rising Stars

50 young leaders energizing the housing economy
Many of these 50 winners are leading their companies from the C-Suite, deciding overall strategy for their organizations and staking out new territory. Others are contributing through innovation, product development, process enhancements and big data analysis.
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Attention Realtors: You may be victim of massive nationwide advertising scam

Louisiana man accused of defrauding hundreds of real estate agents
Realtors and real estate agents all across the country may be victims of a massive advertising scam that promised local ad placement but instead resulted in the theft of $2 million. A Louisiana man induced Realtors and real estate agents to pay thousands of dollars for advertising on major television networks, but instead of providing the services he promised, the man allegedly used the money for New Orleans Saints season tickets, among other things.
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Here’s an inside look at the most expensive home in every state

From Alabama to Texas
If you have a several million dollars lying around, or simply are curious, these spots would be beautiful places to call home in some of the nation’s most picturesque locations. Here's an inside glimpse of the current most expensive houses for sale in each state, along with an in-depth video of the top home for sale in The Lone Star State.
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