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Is Mike Huckabee wrong about housing?

Presidential candidate says student debt makes housing unaffordable
Despite the election being 18 months away, the campaign is already in full swing. Recently, one candidate for the White House actually said something that gives us at HousingWire a little hope for the next 18 months, however right or wrong his statement may be.
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TransUnion: Student loans do not impact housing

Student debt keeps growing but homebuyers still buying
Despite the level of student loan debt rising to well above $1 trillion, young buyers are not being inhibited from obtaining a mortgage due to their debt, according to a new report from TransUnion. In fact, not only are younger consumers with student debt able to get a mortgage, they are also quite adept at making their payments as well.
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Student debt costs housing $83B a year

Analysts: Skyrocketing higher ed costs create enormous drag
For more than a year HousingWire has been reporting on the link between high levels of student loan debt and the struggling housing recovery. Now there is a real value. And it's staggering.
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WSJ: Student debt could cut home sales 8% in 2014

Effect of debt is major drain, new study says
One thing that hasn’t been underreported in housing in 2014 is the crushing amount of student debt out there, but Nick Timiraos looks into just how much it impacts housing and mortgage finance in the Wall Street Journal.
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Here's where the student debt crisis stands

Pay for college vs. save for a home
The student debt crisis is a hot topic right now in Washington D.C. Following President Barack Obama's executive order Monday, Senator Elizabeth Warren’s, D-Mass., student debt legislation could also see more movement in coming days.
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