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New York budget to target homelessness, affordable housing

Dedicates $2.5 billion in funds
New York announced its budget late after it surpassed its April 1 deadline. The newly released budget contains many implications for housing, including tuition-free college. A considerable part of the budget is also dedicated toward fighting homelessness and providing affordable housing.
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The American Dream revisited

Why consumers might have to choose between a college education and homeownership
Today the average student debt resulting from a four-year degree stands at $30,000. According to a report released by American Student Assistance in 2015, 71% of non-homeowners surveyed who carry student debt say the burden of monthly payments has kept them from purchasing a home. More than half of those say their student debt loads will likely prevent home ownership for another five years.
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[Video] Here’s how student loans hold back homeownership

Plus, will the FHA mortgage interest rate cut come back?
Student debt causes many Millennials to delay homeownership as they struggle to save up for a down-payment. As it turns out, this is not the only way student debt is holding back homeownership. United Wholesale Mortgage explains why, and gives it’s take on the reversal of the FHA mortgage interest rate cut in its February video.
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Look out housing, Millennials are about to take over

It’s just a matter of time, according to new First American data
Millennials are the largest living population on this planet, and they may be better positioned than any other generation for homeownership. Why? Actually, it could be the very thing holding them back right now that drives them forward later.
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Here's how student loan debt plays a role in the future of housing

How does it impact housing starts?
Student loan debt is playing its biggest role in the mortgage process yet, and it doesn’t look like it’s changing anytime soon. For starters, many Millennials have yet to finish college, and the tail end of the generation is barely 18. New data shows the current problems in housing due to student debt and exactly how big of an issue this is.
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