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4 factors weighing down housing in the second half of 2014

Will housing collapse?

Altos: Critics wrong about housing, it’s going to soar

2015 will see notable price appreciation

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Judge orders BofA Countrywide to pay $1.3B for toxic mortgages

Settlement is just over half what feds wanted
July 30, 2014
A federal judge has ordered Bank of America’s Countrywide unit to pay $1.3 billion in penalties for junk mortgages sold to the government sponsored enterprises in the years prior to the 2008 financial crisis.
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Did Treasury plan to shortchange Fannie, Freddie investors?

As more layers peel away, a pattern forms
July 30, 2014
A report on Tuesday focusing on the potential for conflict of interest in Blackstone serving as an advisor to the U.S. Department of Treasury missed a much bigger story.
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$22B in government mortgage relief still left for struggling homeowners

HAMP defaults still running high
July 30, 2014
The Treasury still has plenty of money left to help struggling homeowners, with nearly $22 billion of untapped funding available for the Treasury’s Making Home Affordable program.
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Borrowers save $1B in interest refinancing for rest of 2014

Freddie: Cash out refinances decline
July 29, 2014
Borrowers will save in aggregate more than $1 billion in interest payments over the coming year, as borrowers continued to shorten their payment terms and build equity in their homes.
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The real reason Fannie and Freddie don't do principal modifications

Looking out for your retirement
July 29, 2014
Why is the government resisting principal mods? Because there is one big investor in MBS that the government is worried about – pension funds.
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FHFA considering plan to offer single Fannie, Freddie bonds

Report on Common Securitization Platform may be coming soon
July 28, 2014
During his May speech at the Brookings Institute, FHFA Director Mel Watt said that adjusting the way Fannie and Freddie securitize mortgages was one of his key goals. Now it appears that the FHFA may be one step closer to accomplishing that goal.
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Monday Morning Cup of Coffee: Goldman's $1B FHFA settlement?

America’s lost decade; FHA fees drag; Mortgage lending, RMBS slow to a crawl
July 28, 2014
Goldman is looking at a $1 billion settlement with the FHFA, Americans' household wealth has plunged 36% from 2003, and FHA fees may be a big drag on the housing economy.
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Mortgage insurer ratings safe despite potential FHFA rule changes

S&P: Transition period provides sufficient time
July 25, 2014
Despite the FHFA's decision to revise its private mortgage insurance requirements, Standard & Poor’s Rating Services forecasts that insurers will maintain strong ratings in the immediate term.
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Freddie Mac: Mortgage rates push buyers to market

Despite slight rises, rates still low
July 24, 2014
"Mortgage rates have entered the summer doldrums, showing very little movement one way or another. The benchmark 30-year fixed mortgage rates has fluctuated within a very narrow range – one-tenth of a percentage point – since mid-May," Bankrate said.
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Freddie Mac: Housing growth remains stagnant

...But it's not all bad news
July 23, 2014
"We remain cautiously optimistic the housing recovery will continue, albeit slowly, until we see more tightening in the labor markets to give personal incomes a much-needed jolt,” Freddie Mac Chief Economist Frank Nothaft said.
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