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There's no consensus on GSE reform, but there is this

Revolution deadline, TBD
After attending a conference with some of the top investors in housing, I’ve come to realize housing is as close to solving GSE reform as it is in solving "which came first, the chicken or the egg?" But amid all the opinions and solutions discussed, there was one session right before I headed back to Dallas that tossed out an opinion I think needs to be mentioned.
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How long until housing reform happens?

Here's what the industry can do to prepare
With the financial crisis now eight years behind the economy, the industry is longing for reform of the GSEs. But a looming presidential election and changing government won’t let this happen anytime soon. Here's what needs to happen in the meantime.
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Hillary Clinton unveils sweeping economic agenda, including major housing reforms

Announces $25 billion housing investment program
With the 2016 presidential election inching closer at a seemingly glacial pace, one issue that many of the main candidates have neglected to address is housing and its impact on the country’s economy. But it appears that is about to change as Hillary Clinton, the Democratic hopeful and former Secretary of State, recently announced a sweeping economic agenda that includes some major housing reforms.
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New housing policy foundation breaks silence on housing crisis

Ladies and gentlemen, the J. Ronald Terwilliger Foundation for Housing America’s Families
Housing and mortgage finance reform either gets shuffled off to arguments in congressional subcommittees that go nowhere, or just plain ignored by policymakers. A new foundation with a power lineup plans to change all that, and they may have the capital to do it.
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House passes bipartisan regulatory reform bill

Would require more cost-benefit analysis, transparency in regs
A bipartisan bill that would shed light on how federal policies affect both businesses and state and local governments passed the House Wednesday. It’s got a clear shot through the Senate but there’s turbulence waiting in the White House. Here’s why.
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GOP Congress likely to reform CFPB in 2015

Street: Fannie, Freddie reform unlikely in 114th Congress
There won’t be any real movement on GSE reform, but there may be a serious heeling of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, according to one mortgage finance expert. That's a very different line than the one being published by HUD secretary, Julian Castro.
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