Single-family rental bonds are here to stay

Single-family rental bonds are here to stay

ABS East panel: Asset class will continue to grow

CFPB collecting data on 600 million credit accounts despite privacy, security risks

GAO report: Weaknesses in CFPB ability to assess data collection, oversight troubling

Ginnie Mae launches 5 new initiatives to increase mortgage lending

HUD secretary warns American Dream remains out of reach

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This man pretends to be a Realtor and no one can stop him

Canadian fines don’t seem to slow down Derek Johnson
Jacob Gaffney
The Real Estate Council in Alberta, Canada, seems to have a real problem on its hands with real estate agent Derek Johnson, who doesn’t seem licensed to conduct business as an agent and broker. But that’s not stopping Johnson.
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China set to dominate foreign homebuyers market

Analysts expect Chinese to overtake Canadians within 5 years
Ben Lane
“This bigger picture hides a rapid rise in purchases by Chinese investors, who may overtake Canadians as the largest group of foreign buyers of US housing within the next five years,” Capital Economics Property Economist Paul Diggle said.
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3 ways Canada beats the U.S. leaves out 1 huge factor

Brena Swanson
Canada officially outpaced America’s middle class and is now home to the richest middle class on the planet. But one key metric was left out of the report: housing.
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Offers new rental channel
HousingWire Staff is expanding its rental channel into Canada. The initiative offers consumers the chance to search for rental listings using data from numerous Canadian property management companies.
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Canada fails to learn from its Southern neighbors

Housing market starts to mimic a bubble
Brena Swanson
"We believe it is official that Canada’s housing market is frothy and in danger of a correction. Home prices when viewed as an index have soared, surpassing the height of the US housing bubble," said Chris Muoio, senior associate and economist with Research.
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REO brokers gain edge by catering to foreign investors

Jon Prior
REO brokers who want to gain an edge with asset managers and banks are being encouraged to form "international shops" designed to better work with foreign...
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Costco: Want a mortgage with your 60 rolls of toilet paper?

Jessica Huseman
Costco [stock COST] [/stock], the one-stop-bulk-shop haven, offers everything you need in a home: furniture, flooring, groceries and 60-roll toilet paper packs. Now Costco is going...
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Canada's housing bubble exists, and it's stretched thin

Jessica Huseman
The hot housing market in Canada seems all too familiar. More mortgages without down payments, rising home costs without matching rises in income, and an extremely...
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Take a holiday

Kerri Ann Panchuk
Collapsing house prices allow foreigners to build investmentsIt’s before dusk on a sunny afternoon in Phoenix, and Kris Anderson, a real estate agent for RE/MAX Excalibur,...
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Real estate agents pulling their hair out

Christine Ricciardi
Most people involved with any aspect of mortgage finance are probably pretty stressed out, as the market struggles to get on its feet with the threat of a double-dip recession looming. But according to one job-listing website, real estate agents are feeling the most work-related stress. The profession ranked as the 10th most stressful job of 2011, according to CareerCast, which maintains a database of job postings from across the U.S. and Canada.
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