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Florida housing market improves in April

New listings and median price increase
A number of factors combined to move Florida's housing market forward in April. Higher sales prices, more listings entering the market and low mortgage rates all played a hand. That being said, affordable housing still seems to be struggling.
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Existing home sales manage to increase two months straight

Overcomes low inventory, rising home prices
Last month's existing home sales marked a real rebound in sales after choppiness in activity this year from unevenness in the rate of new listings coming onto the market. Turns out, existing homes sales managed to do it again, moving higher for the second consecutive month despite rising home prices and low housing inventory.
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Top 10 fastest moving housing markets

Zillow data shows where buyers need to be ready
Nerdwallet conducted a study using data from Zillow to show the fastest moving housing markets, and the need for buyers to be prepared when faced with difficulty. The top markets include cities from Texas, California, Colorado and others.
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Why are major housing markets going haywire?

Hot markets slowing down, slow ones speeding up
OK, so, east of the Mississippi some of the nation's slowest markets are beginning to heat up. And in the West, the hot markets are beginning to cool. Here's the latest Trulia report on this peculiar activity.
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Millennials locked out of Denver area

Lack of savings prevents Millennials from owning a home
As Millennials continue to struggle with increasing student loans and rising home prices, buying a home seems to only become more impossible. A new survey in Boulder County shows just how real these issues are.
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Northwest housing market gridlocked

Housing seems to be growing, but in the wrong direction
Some real estate professionals are comparing the market to a tulip garden planted upside down. The growth is in the wrong direction, and fear to enter the market is creating a never-ending cycle.
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