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Northwest housing market gridlocked

Housing seems to be growing, but in the wrong direction
Some real estate professionals are comparing the market to a tulip garden planted upside down. The growth is in the wrong direction, and fear to enter the market is creating a never-ending cycle.
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Why won’t homebuilders better serve Millennials?

It's a chicken-or-the-egg situation
Millennials are slow to enter the housing market, and there’s an extreme shortage of inventory in the housing market. So which problem gets solved first? As it stands, both areas are finally expected to take off over the next few years.
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Pending home sales to lag until inventory crisis ends

Path to homeownership an 'uphill climb'
The year isn’t starting off too hot, with inventory shortages and rising home prices once again impeding any potential housing growth. If something doesn’t change in new and existing homes for sale, the path to homeownership will remain an uphill climb.
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Can new home sales end the housing inventory crisis?

Sales of unbuilt homes hover near a 10-year high
The latest new home sales report presents a more positive forecast on the future of today’s current inventory crisis. The key is in the share of new home sales not started, in other words homes purchased off a plan, which hovers near a 10-year high.
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Existing-home sales start 2016 at a six-month high

Housing inventory down 2.2% from last year
While existing-home sales started the year off at the highest annual rate in six months, a lack of housing supply continues to hamper growth. Spring is less than a month away, and total housing inventory is 2.2% lower than a year ago.
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When will housing inventory shortages finally end?

Not in 2016
Four years in active recovery, and the housing market can’t seem to get past the inventory shortage that penetrates into all crevasses of the industry. And while this won’t change this year, there may be hope for next year as builders start to play catch-up.
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