Question remains: When will interest rates start rising?

This is why you can't blame Millennials for low homeownership rates

Stop the blame game

Bill to eliminate $6M raise for Fannie, Freddie CEOs passes House Committee 57-1

Growing bipartisan support means passage likelier

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Hope Now, RealtyTrac to co-sponsor regional housing roundtables

Industry, nonprofits and stakeholders trying to build sustainable housing solutions
The HOPE NOW Alliance and RealtyTrac have announced a partnership for the remainder of 2015 to co-sponsor regional housing roundtables in selected U.S. cities to bring together the mortgage industry, community leaders and nonprofits to work on housing solutions.
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Dealing with one housing bubble at a time

HELOCs and other factors constrain housing “recovery”
RealtyTrac predicts that as the average HELOC borrower's ten-year interest-only period ends, that person's or family’s monthly bill will perhaps more than double from $133 to $279. This could pose a serious problem. Let's start with that, first.
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Dr. HousingBubble: Return of the broke homeowner

9.3M saw foreclosure, DIL or short sell 2006-2014 - ready to go now
Homebuyers burned in the housing crash are itching to buy again and the pressure is on from the industry to get them in there. It’s been seven years – so what housing crash, Dr. HousingBubble asks sarcastically.
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6 housing markets that haven’t recovered

California fills the list
Although it’s been eight to nine years since the housing recovery, not every market is recording strong growth, especially in Florida and California. Here are 6 former boomtowns that still have a long road ahead.
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WATCH: Foreclosure king Todd Brunner arrested

Built his wealth in southeastern Wisconsin
Although several years have passed since the financial crisis, local authorities are still arresting people who made their fortune during the downturn. Todd Brunner, 57, a onetime local king of foreclosures, and his son, Shawn, 24, are no exception.
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Not all lenders think HELOCs are the next bubble

Rates set to reset, HELOC demand on the rise
As the wave of resets for home equity lines of credit continues to rise, many homeowners are left with higher monthly mortgage payments. But the industry is divided on the past and future problems that come with HELOCs.
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Urban Institute map shows 12 years of mortgages in 24 seconds

Details mortgage activity by ethnicity before, during and post-crash
The Urban Institute has created an interactive map that transforms data on more than 100 million mortgage originations throughout the United States into a compelling visual that identifies borrowers by race and ethnicity over a 12-year period.
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