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Autopsy report reveals Abilene real estate agent’s true cause of death

Police examine new suspect in brutal crime
Real estate agent Thomas Niblo died tragically after being shot in his home in December, an act police stated was not random. Now, a new autopsy report shows what killed him. Plus, police are now eyeing a new suspect who can’t paint a clear picture of his activities from the tragic morning Niblo was killed.
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California real estate agent arrested for double homicide

Christopher Ireland taken into custody "on suspicion of murder"
A California real estate agent is under arrest and remains in custody under suspicion that he committed a double murder. According to local media reports, Christopher Ireland is suspected in the deaths of two of his wife’s female co-workers, whose bodies were found after a suspicious fire destroyed the home of one of the women.
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Connecticut real estate agent arrested for allegedly abusing access to rob homes

Authorities investigating a string of burglaries
A Connecticut real estate agent is facing charges that he abused the access granted to him as an agent to rob a number of homes. Here are the details on John Rose, who is facing a series of charges after being arrested on Christmas Eve in an apparent burglary attempt of a home that he had access to as an agent.
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UPDATE: Abilene police file warrants for phones of murdered agent’s sister, brother-in-law

Phone and other electronic records now under investigation
The investigation into the murder of an Abilene real estate agent continues as police uncover new evidence. Police have now filed warrants for the phone records of the agent’s sister and brother-in-law. However, Luke Sweetser, the agent’s brother-in-law, filed his own petition with the court.
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Commissions, Inc. acquires TigerLead from Move

Fidelity National subsidiary continues growth, buys real estate agent lead generator
Earlier this year, Fidelity National Financial, the nation’s largest title insurance company, acquired Commissions, Inc., a provider of web-based real estate marketing and CRM software for residential real estate agents and agent teams, pledging to grow the company’s business. Now, CINC’s product suite is about to get a little larger, as the company plans to acquire TigerLead, a real estate agent lead generator, from Move, Inc.
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Dispatch from #HousingOurFuture: Not enough real estate agents are "culturally sensitive"

Asian and Hispanic mortgage markets set to boom
In the coming decades, the rate of homeownership among Hispanics and Asians will roughly double, and the housing industry is not ready, a panel of experts said Friday. Mortgage bankers and real estate agents are not equipped to appropriately deal with these communities, according to panelists at the Housing America's Family Forum underway today in Dallas.
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Top 5 interview questions to ask your Realtor

Agents give insight into what you should look for
Navigating your first home purchase can be a complicated process, so it's important to get the right Realtor on your side. Here are the top five questions you should ask your agent in the interview process, according to some experts.
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