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4 ways to improve loan officer and real estate agent relationships

Here’s how to make your relationships thrive
Loan officers and real estate agents need each other to thrive in their respective businesses. To help loan officers figure out how to best cultivate this relationship, MGIC teamed up with Bill Gassett, a real estate agent based in Massachusett, to create a list of ways loan officer can work better with real estate agents.
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OpenHouse partners with NerdWallet to provide real estate agent recommendations

NerdWallet’s Home Affordability Calculator will also appear on OpenHouse
Users of NerdWallet, a website that helps guide consumer decisions with tools, research and advice about credit cards, mortgages, insurance, loans or other expenses, can now get recommendations about choosing a real estate agent, thanks to a new partnership between NerdWallet and OpenHouse.
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77 apps to optimize your time at work

Need to organize your to-do list?
Whether you're rushing between showing prospective buyers a home or organizing all the paperwork you need to complete your borrower’s loan application, one or more of these applications could be the key ingredient in getting you to your goal faster.
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How much is too much for a closing gift from a real estate agent?

What about 30K on an all-expense paid weekend in Las Vegas
Closing gifts are almost as important in the real estate world as securing a home, at least it is if you want your clients to come back. Are you thinking about buying a simple welcome mat and flowers for the family's new home? You better think again. And a lot bigger.
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