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Lucky numbers increase home prices?

Chinese superstition takes a toll on U.S. housing
The influx of Chinese buyers into the U.S. housing market means the market could also be subject to some of the culture’s superstitions. While many Chinese buyers would pay a premium for homes with lucky numbers in the address, they also expect a discount on homes where the address contains unlucky numbers.
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Chinese investors snatch up U.S. houses

Chinese investors are snatching up houses across America, with top metro areas becoming their preferred spot. New York and Los Angeles top the list of cities they are most interested in, but more surprisingly, Detroit and Philadelphia also ranked in the top 10.
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Chinese investors head to Queens

The Upper East Side no longer a "hot spot"
Buyers from mainland China today can account for as many as half of the buyers at certain buildings in "Falasheng" and surrounding neighborhoods, brokers say. A few years ago there were virtually none.
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