Ginnie Mae ditches paper and goes eMortgage

Ginnie Mae ditches paper and goes eMortgage

Electronic filing to start very soon

Fannie Mae offers new suite of HomePath financing

Goodbye HomePath Mortgage and HomePath Renovation

CNBC video: Home shortage could be due to real estate agents

Pocket listings drag down inventory?

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Judge shoots down FHFA bid to limit discovery, keep docs secret

Judge Sweeney: FHFA cannot evade judicial review
July 21, 2014
A federal court handed Fairholme Funds a huge victory late last week, granting broad access in discovery to FHFA records going back years and reminding the FHFA that it is not above the law.
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New legislation will break apart and sell Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

House Democrats introduce new GSE reform measure
July 10, 2014
The bill winds down Fannie Mae’s and Freddie Mac’s current activities and revokes their charter, but allows them to be sold and recapitalized as entities with different business plans without any of their current unique powers.
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Fannie, Freddie conservatorship hurts investors, destabilizes mortgage market

July 7, 2014
In the pages of the Wall Street Journal on Sunday, the former head of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. takes the government to task on its virtual third-world, banana republic treatment of GSE investors.
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Treasury Secretary testifies on GSEs, nonbank MSRs and TBTF

Hensarling: Americans are fearful of their government
June 24, 2014
It was a raucous and heated session at the House Financial Services Committee as Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew made his annual report on the Financial Stability Oversight Council, touching on everything from GSE reform and nonbank MSRs to the IRS lost emails scandal.
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Why did Senate committee go so easy on HUD nominee Castro?

Session is heavy on platitudes, light on details or hard questions
June 17, 2014
San Antonio Mayor Julián Castro faced a kid glove treatment from the Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Development Committee on Tuesday. The next step is a vote before the committee, which is not scheduled, which would be followed by a vote on the full Senate floor.
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KBW: Plan to wind down GSEs will fail

Analysts say GSEs' survival chances keep improving
June 13, 2014
KBW’s analysts predict that the Treasury will eventually shift its focus from winding down the GSEs to seeking to unwind its investment in the companies. But the analysts said that this shift could take several years.
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Fix the GSEs, don’t end them, Rosner says at Investors Unite

“Too Big to Fail” banks are the new GSEs
June 10, 2014
Meaningful housing reform is possible in 2014 and doesn’t require Congressional action, renowned housing analyst and author Joshua Rosner told Investors Unite in Washington Tuesday morning.
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CFPB, housing take center stage in Congress

House, Senate both reviewing CFPB; Investors Unite converge
June 9, 2014
It’s going to be a busy morning in Washington D.C. on the housing front on Tuesday. And here's a preview of what's to come.
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Carl Icahn bets $50M on Fannie, Freddie

Did the fight over GSE shareholder rights just get real?
June 3, 2014
Activist investor Carl Icahn’s big $50 million bet on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac brings even bigger guns to the table for investors in the GSEs who want the mortgage giants to pay shareholder profits it owes.
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MBA CEO: Future of housing held back by sick market

David Stevens says the status quo is not an option
May 19, 2014
The head of the Mortgage Bankers Association returned to a controversial term he used four years ago to describe the state of housing finance. Frustration over action — and inaction — in Washington last week was visible just beneath the surface of the remarks.
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