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MBA: Mortgage applications erase previous week's gains

Fall 7.3%
Mortgage applications erased all of the previous week’s gains, falling from one week earlier. The report before this included an adjustment for the Labor Day holiday, while this week's report accounts for one of the biggest increases in a string of lackluster results.
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MBA: Mortgage applications swing back down

Refinance apps stopped pushing up demand
Mortgage applications continue to swing up and down, falling 4% from one week earlier. The news comes after last week’s rise, primarily driven by refinance applications. The week before that, however, also posted a decline.
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MBA: Mortgage applications drop again

Both refinance and purchase applications fall
While the decline isn't as severe as the prior week, mortgage applications still posted a drop from one week earlier. But unlike the last report, the fall in refinance applications didn’t lead the overall dip in applications.
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MBA: Mortgage applications flip 180 degrees

Refinance activity drops as purchase activity soars
The frenzy surrounding mortgage applications in the wake of Brexit is starting to wane as refinance applications post a slight drop in the latest report from the Mortgage Bankers Association. Instead, a different category is starting to shine: purchase applications.
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Refinance applications finally jump after weeks of historically low interest rates

Is the message finally getting through?
After weeks and weeks of historically low mortgage interest rates having little to no impact on the volume of refinance applications, it finally appears that consumers are getting the message about interest rates. According to a new report from the Mortgage Bankers Association, mortgage applications rose last week, with the increase coming entirely from refinance applications.
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MBA: Mortgage applications post another tepid week

Average loan size for purchase apps hits survey high
Despite the current low-mortgage rate environment, mortgage applications once again recorded a slow weak. However, one notable data point in this week’s survey is that the average loan size for purchase applications reached a survey high.
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