Zillow plans event to “hack” housing

Zillow plans event to “hack” housing

Offers $10,000 prize for creative solutions to jumpstart market

CFPB goes after Wells Fargo, JPMorgan for mortgage kickback scheme

Mega banks will pay $35.7 million total

Here are the hottest neighborhoods for 2015

This year it’s all about affordability

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A field services perspective on passed and pending legislation
Simply put, property preservation work includes, but is not limited to, securing the property, removing debris and mowing the lawn. However, this simplified definition does not begin to scratch the surface of the broad, and often complex, range of services performed by field services providers.
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Mortgage servicers trend toward multiple field-service providers

Is it time to spread out the grunt work?
Lynn Effinger
With so many changes taking place in the default servicing arena, with heightened focus on regulations and compliance issues, one solution being chosen by some lenders, servicers and investors is to contract with multiple field service providers, rather than a single “national” provider.
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SecureView lands giant Fannie Mae field-services deal

Certain states must now use clear "boards"
Brena Swanson
Good news for SecureView: The company landed a giant deal with Fannie Mae, which is officially requiring vendors to install the distinct, clear boarding to secure vacant properties. The contract is being rolled out, gradually, in many states.
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Are we facing yet another foreclosure crisis?

Property preservation remains vital component to default servicing
Lynn Effinger
Despite numerous reports indicating that there has been a deep decline in foreclosure inventory over the past several months in many markets, the reality, as chronicled in several articles recently penned by this author and others, is that foreclosure rates are very likely to rise again in the not-too-distant future.
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Field services move one step closer to industry-wide background checks

Ben Lane
The National Association of Mortgage Field Services said that the new partnership should allow field servicers to use and re-use a single annual background check, which would eliminate the cost and “wasted time” of repeated background checks for multiple clients.
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2014 Field Services Guide

An inside look at 8 of the nation's leading field services specialists -- part of a new and more agile breed of field service companies.
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To the extreme

Field services companies step up to winter challenges
Sarah Wheeler
In Washington, D.C., the joke going around among soccer mom circles is that the children will be in school until July in order to make up all the snow days. Funny, yes, but the stark reality is that this winter’s damage is much more tangible than that.
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ProVest enhances the process server experience with Process Server Snapshot!

ProVest recently launched Process ServerSnapshot!, a new app that lets process servers capture, document, store and share relevant information from the field. The app provides critical information, including the date, time stamp, as well as the latitude and longitude of all photos pushed through the system.
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Illinois AG sues Safeguard Properties over eviction practices

Safeguard cites "very challenging public misunderstanding" of property preservation
HousingWire Staff
Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan said that her office has filed suit against Safeguard Properties, a national property preservation provider, over what the AG's office characterized as "illegal eviction practices."
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Property preservation firms fight for competitive edge

Focus shifting from REO to shadow inventory opportunities
Christina Mlynski
Activity at field services companies is falling across the nation and companies functioning in the space are searching for new ways to stay competitive. A major merger involving a Texas asset management firm illustrates the scope of this shift.
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